Roman, TLB & The Politics Of It All…Why Take Sides?

2ndOfficialTate-LaBiancaMurdersBlog-RomanPolanski-TheMansonFamily 1 I just don’t get some people lately, really I don’t.
And NOBODY, but nobody can appreciate the need to have humorous respite from this horrific subject matter now and then, as if to do so would be as heinous as the acts themselves.
Well, it’s just this;
Why do some online bloggers have such hatred for Debra Tate?
Why do some online bloggers have such hatred for Roman Polanski?
Why do some online bloggers have such blind loyalty to Charles Manson, yet can’t see one redeeming feature in any of the Hinman/Tate-LaBianca killers?
Why do some online bloggers see only goodness and light in born-again Susan Atkins, blithely forgetting her less than Christian acts forty years ago? And to show her likeness in anything but a positive realm now is as blasphemous as her and that Buck knife of hers years ago?
Why am I getting hate mail because I threw a 2 minute video blurb on TLB2 showing The View’s Joy Behar making  a “funny” on Manson?
Why have I got Manson Family sycophants making Roman, Debra and anyone (including myself!) who may not be blindly following The Soul just to the right of the Devil himself?
And why is my publishing any photo or video even connected with these crimes considered in bad taste, when my dear followers, the mere fact that these crimes were committed by these individuals is the penultimate of societal bad taste?
And why do fans of Charlie and the killers celebrate with glee that Roman is getting his in the end?
NONE of these emotional responses, nor any of my hate mail, make sense to me, I must say. All it seems to say to me is that emotions, even after forty years, in all areas of this issue as a whole still run very high, to the point that even a bit of light humour along with crime analysis is seen as blasphemous to the victims and the killers alike! Go figure!
Well, here’s my two cents worth, since everyone around me has spent more than a buck on the above at my expense already…
Laws are put on the books by political officials, that,  we as a society, have elected into office to do that very thing. And when these laws are enacted, it is we, who have entrusted law enforcement officials to execute those laws to protect the law-abiding citizens from those who refuse to obey the rules.
And while those laws are on the books, if one of our own breaks a law, that person is to be held accountable for their actions and punished accordingly. If said law-breaker, aka criminal, flees from said punishment, that, in and of itself, is a crime, and he or she will have to suffer that punishment as well.
#1 Whether or not you think Charles Manson is the best thing since sliced bread, the legal bottom line is that he was found guilty of societal crimes and is now paying the price set forth under the existing laws of the State of California at the time those crimes were committed. Period.
#2 Whether or not you think Roman Polanski is the best thing since sliced bread, the legal bottom line is that he had been indicted for committing a sexual act against a minor in 1978. And instead of facing his accusers, the State of California, in a court of law, Roman chose to flee that indictment, which is in and of itself a felony, and he has now been rightly arrested for said felony. And the United States, if they have an extradition treaty with Switzerland, will have a legal right to extradite Roman back to the U.S., to face a trial he should have faced decades ago, a “brilliant” film producer or not. Period.
#3 Whether or not you think Susan Atkins or any of the other Hinman/Tate-LaBianca killers were/are the best thing since sliced bread, the legal bottom line is that she and her cohorts voluntarily broke into and entered a private residence and slaughtered indefensible, wholly innocent people for wholly warrantless reasons, and because of said, they have served or are serving their punishment according to the state laws that were on the books at the time of their offense. Period.
#4 Whether or not you think Debra Tate is the best thing since sliced bread , the legal bottom line is that she has exercised her right to be present at all the parole hearings of the killers who murdered her sister and as a victims supporter to the hearings of the killers who murdered the other victims in these crimes. Has she appeased her own pain through an endless barrage of attacks on the killers? Probably. Has she crossed a moral if not legal line? Probably. But if your own loved ones had been murdered in the same fashion as these victims, would you behave any differently than Debra? Let thee who is without sin cast the first stone my fellow bloggers! And by the grace of God we do not walk in Debra Tate’s shoes.
#5 Whether or not you think Joy Behar and those made-up quasi celeb gals over at The View are the best thing since sliced bread, the bottom line is they and their “views” are about as pivotal as Oprah and her endless  recommendations of the world’s worst written books! And whether or not TLB2 airs a 2 minute blurb on Behar’s humorous take on Manson’s longevity should be taken as seriously as the dust bunnies accumulating under your bed.
You CANNOT set aside the laws of society to appease your own emotional loyalty to someone or a group of people!
You must see these players for what they are and allow a wee bit of humour into your lives while doing it!
You can like the man but hate the crime and NOT kill the messenger who displays both!
Can we not come back down to earth and discuss the crimes perpetrated by these people, all of them, with a sense of emotional distance, and allow for ourselves  the odd moment of humour now and then so the sorrow of it all doesn’t swallow us whole?
Can we not objectively assess these people and their actions candidly and without emotional malice, and share the same goal of trying to understand these events without fracturing into separate camps?
Can we not just agree that Roman was charged with the felony of rape of a minor and that he chose the coward’s way out by fleeing that charge and now, after 40 years of looking over his shoulder, he is now paying the price in a Swiss jail cell?
Can we not agree that the existence of Joy Behar and her humorous take on Charlie’s longevity, and my putting said video on TLB2, has about as much importance as the existence of the celebrity news rags on which her face is seen?
Can we not agree that Charlie was and is a bad-ass, by his OWN admission and was involved in heinous crimes for which he and his Family cohorts are now being punished?
Can we not agree that a photo of Susan sleeping, whether shown in an obit post or not, is just a photo of Susan sleeping?
Can we not agree that whatever motives on which her actions are based, are that of a surviving victim of violent crime, the likes of which NONE of us would ever want to trade places with Debra?
Can we not agree that Roman’s actions lessen not one iota the actions of the Hinman/Tate-LaBianca killers and that the actions of the Hinman/Tate-LaBianca killers do not lessen one iota the actions of Roman Polanski?
And can we not agree to tune into TLB2 just for information and not for emotional support, and to not kill the messenger in the process?
I formed this blog (someone should shoot me for doing so!) with the mind’s eye of a detective gathering the evidence and letting the evidence tell the story rather than injecting my biases into the evidence.
I don’t hate or like Charlie; I don’t hate or like the Family Members; I don’t hate or like Debra Tate, or Roman or the victims of these crimes. I have no personal connection to any of these players, and even if I did, my feelings for them should play NO part in the analysis of the evidence in these crimes.
Oh, and for the record, my idolizing Barbara Walters stopped as soon as she invented The View. I’d rather watch paint dry than watch daytime TV!
TLB2, MsBurb nor her Guest Authors have any agenda, other than to present the facts of these cases and add a touch of humour now and then so we all don’t just crumble to the floor in the overwhelming sorrow of it all. Period.
Tune in for the facts.
Tune in for a chuckle now and then.
But don’t expect TLB2 to take sides either way. None of us here have any political agenda. You can find other Manson blogs to fill that void.
That’s MsBurb’s 2 cent rant!


Molly said…
I just found this blog a few days ago. I generally lurk and read, but hardly post anywhere. I have been fascinated by this case since my parents let me watch Helter Skelter when I was 10. (what were they thinking!? lol)I completely agree with everything you just wrote! Keep up the good work!
Pristash said…
Hate mail because of the Joy Behar thing? Really? Like from who? What did they say?

And to your point #4: I belive, for what it's worth, that victim impact statements should only be taken at the time of the initial sentencing. I think it is very wrong to have people serve 20 years of a 20 year to life sentence, and been model prisoners, but then can't get paroled because the family members are against it!

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