Manson Murders, 50 Years - August 9, 1969...

Courtesy Framepool & Rightsmith  “ It was so quiet , one of the killers would later say, that you could almost hear the sound of ice rattling in the cocktail shakers in the homes way down the canyon .” ~ Vincent Bugliosi, Helter Skelter Fifty years is a long time… Gary Hinman would be 84 this December. Steven Parent would be 68. Jay Sebring would be 86 this October. Voytek Frykowski would be 83 this December. Abigail Folger would be 76 this August. Sharon Tate would be 76. Sharon’s baby, Paul Richard, would be 50. Leno LaBianca would be 94. Rosemary LaBianca would be 90 this December. Donald “Shorty” Shea would be 86 this September. Instead, every soul listed above has been dead and buried for a half century while their killers — minus Atkins-brain cancer and Manson-heart attack — breathe quite comfortably above ground in prison. I will not list the killers’ names. It was hard enough on this anniversary to list the two above who fi

Charlie Manson Gave Quentin Tarantino Some LSD... and it was a Bad Trip...

The Cannes Film Fest gave the 56 year-old film maker a standing ovation for his recent creation, Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood. They would. After all, it’s Tinsel Town enablers, enabling. I’m not sure that’s the barometer one should use to assess this celluloid trip. Quentin was six and I was five when the Tate-La Bianca murders went down. I doubt either one of us on August 9, 1969 were smoking LSD laced cigs in between playing with Barbies and G. I. Joes, but sober and young, we were obviously both affected. Although light-years higher and farther in artistic success than little old me, Quentin and I have used the same delivery in our works — wrapping a fictional tale around a factual event. For both of us, it’s a way to go down Memory Lane and get revenge or sneak in the last word or just plain have a few chuckles at inside jokes only those present could appreciate. I get that, I do, but here’s the rub… and I will explain via paraphrased dialogue from Rob

Charles Denton "Tex" Watson...The Man Behind The Monster Part Four - The Interviews, Part H

Courtesy both photos Rolling Stone In Charles Denton “Tex” Watson…The Man Behind The Monster Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four – The Interviews, Part A , Part B , Part C , Part D , Part E , Part F , Part G I continue to dissect and differentiate between what Tex says from what he truly means. In today’s Part H – The Victims, we see how ingrained his sociopathic behaviour is. In life, when normal people respond to questions, truth is backed by genuine feelings from the heart. And then there's rote regurgitation masked as the truth with sociopaths. Charles "Tex" Watson is stellar at the latter. In this interview, as in every other one he has ever participated in, Tex has the Bible thumping truisms down to perfection, no matter the question posed. Too bad it's all just spewed con artistry. The first question out of the gate was this, "Let's talk about the victims. What do you think has caused you to feel the way you do toda

L to R: Charles Manson - Charles "Tex" Watson - Bobby Beausoleil - Bruce Davis - Susan Atkins - Patricia Krenwinkel - Leslie van Houten