Charles Denton "Tex" Watson... The Man Behind the Monster, Part Four, The Interviews, Part I, Part C

Both photos, courtesy Rolling Stone  In this last part on Tex Watson's views on the Death Penalty, the delusion of Saint Watson continues... Q: What are some of the Biblical examples where God has shown mercy instead of the judgment of death? Again, the interviewer and Tex are purposely missing the point. Nobody is arguing that God shows mercy on all men regardless of what they do, but while a 7-time mass murderer is on this earth, it's man's justice which must prevail in order to maintain a civil society. You can be given mercy in your heart and soul while you're incarcerated unto death, Tex.  My main question still is being left unanswered: Where was this mercy of which you expound when you knifed to death those seven souls, Tex? While on earth: You showed no mercy then, we show no mercy for you now.  Q: We hear victims of crime crying out for justice, but I hear you saying that mercy is the answer, right? Tex's answer: "Those crying out for justice do not kn

Charles Denton "Tex" Watson... The Man Behind the Monster, Part Four, The Interviews, Part I, Part B

Both photos, courtesy Rolling Stone Continuing with Tex on the subject of the Death Penalty, Part A here , the interviewer asks... You're saying that Jesus Christ abolished the death penalty? Tex says, "I believe Christ took my death penalty." Sometimes, all you can do with sociopaths is say, Wow," and then say, "Oh, so Christ only removes the death penalty for "special" murders then?  Talk about a 4-star stellar delusional excuse. But for a legal hiccup, Watson would have been dust to the ages in the early 70s. The commutation of death wasn't about a prophet giving Tex a Get Out of Death Free card. He then goes onto say, "... murder in the Old Testament wasn't the only death-penalty sin," as if attempting to normalize first degree murder, equating it with such no-no's as cursing your parents. If this were the case, every teenager since the dawn of mankind would have been put to death. The skill Tex has for creative excuses spans

Charles Denton "Tex" Watson ... The Man Behind the Monster, Part Four, The Interviews, Part I, Part A

Both photos, courtesy Rolling Stone     In my previous posts covering this extended interview of Tex, conducted in 2003, read below: Part One , Part Two , Part Three Part Four: Part A , Part B , Part C , Part D , Part E , Part F , Part G , and the most recent, Part H , I’ve discussed the mental minutia of the man — very little Good, the often Bad, and the underbelly Ugly. It’s a classic case of an obsessive narcissistic sociopath trading one escapism obsession for another. In Tex’s case – illicit drugs, and his Charles Manson high, for God.   Since I began this examination way back in 2009, Tex has upped his game, revamping his website, Abounding Love, with a super-duper, touchy-feely look (no Buntline or bayonets anywhere in sight) and making a book out of this interview, for sale on Amazon — ebook $1.54, paperback $577.99. No, that’s not a type-O, peeps, and you can bet some schmucks have bought the paperback. Note: As you go back in time with these much older posts list

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