Charles Denton "Tex" Watson...The Man Behind The Monster Part Four - The Interviews, Part H

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I continue to dissect and differentiate between what Tex says from what he truly means. In today’s Part H – The Victims, we see how ingrained his sociopathic behaviour is.
In life, when normal people respond to questions, truth is backed by genuine feelings from the heart. And then there's rote regurgitation masked as the truth with sociopaths. Charles "Tex" Watson is stellar at the latter.

In this interview, as in every other one he has ever participated in, Tex has the Bible thumping truisms down to perfection, no matter the question posed.

Too bad it's all just spewed con artistry.

The first question out of the gate was this, "Let's talk about the victims. What do you think has caused you to feel the way you do today?"

Tex grinds out;

"It takes the Spirit of God to produce empathy …

L to R: Charles Manson - Charles "Tex" Watson - Bobby Beausoleil - Bruce Davis - Susan Atkins - Patricia Krenwinkel - Leslie van Houten

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