A Pattern To Psychopathy?

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  Over time, a great deal of time, years in fact, any delver into the behaviour of psychopaths - their pattern - sadly becomes abundantly apparent. It’s almost as if, just like crocodiles in the Animal Kingdom, human predators continue to spawn, one after the other, like their cold-blooded amphibious cousins, to continue to give birth, multiply, taking the place of the one before it, to crawl upon the earth and wreak deadly havoc if anyone gets in their way.
Such has been the case recently, in my estimation, of two women, both very much psychopathic, and to me, the twins of Susan Atkins
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CaseyAnthony-JodiArias-Psychopathy-Socioapthy-SusanAtkins 3CaseyAnthony-JodiArias-Psychopathy-Socioapthy-SusanAtkins 4 - Casey Anthony and Jodi Arias.
The the visual appearance, the personality, the behaviour, the demeanour, the aura even, makes this trio as if punched out of the same predatory cookie cutter…a scary thought, to be sure, but then again, all crocodiles look and act alike too, don’t think? It’s just harder to swallow, I think, knowing that we humans live among the equivalent of those lizard-monster creatures, that they could easily be our family member, our friend, or in the most recent case, our lover…and the mere thought of having such intimacy with such destroyers of life can and has been hard to fathom and oh so deadly if not detected in time.
Mental health experts claim that 1-3% of our population at any given time is sociopathic and that it is almost certain that in one’s lifetime we normal functioning souls will bump into and/or get to know at least one. That behaviour type, of course, doesn’t always have to be murderous. It can manifest itself in a hard-driving corporate executive who would walk over his own Grandmother to get a promotion or the fiercely competitive athlete who will mow down any opposing team player for that almighty goal. I know I have already bumped into two in my time, both extremely predatory, both very narcissistic, the last one I met possibly even dangerous. Thankfully for me, they were not the deadly kind but it’s a sobering thought that they could have been.
It’s tough to accept that you indeed have met such a person even when you study that psyche type as your métier. The average Joe who knows nothing of the sort wouldn’t stand a chance up against these charmer-monsters when they decide to attack, the realization that one is playing with the Devil’s helpers coming too late to save one’s life. Such, I fear, was the case for Arias’ victim and ex-lover, Travis Alexander, a red-blooded American Mormon/Ladies Man, who played with the wrong gal and paid the ultimate price. I don’t think these killers and what they can do really hits home until you have seen either the crime scene or the autopsy photos of their victims. To even accomplish, much less imagine, such bestial brutality is beyond the rest of Us. Each time I see fresh photos of said it reminds me yet again that these human “crocs” are not to be toyed with. But the problem for Us all is spotting them, recognizing the pattern, and having enough time to escape their clutches.
What I find curious in terms of spotting such predators is the average body size of these three killers. Susan Atkins, aka Sadie Mae Glutz, Casey Anthony and Jodi Arias are what I would categorize as petite, small boned, over-all small stature women. A rather vacant look about them (even when they are not under the influence of drugs or alcohol) that men, who are sexually attracted to the vacuous type, would choose. Yet, once their “inner crocodile” comes out, they seem to have the strength of a hundred men by how easily they over-take their prey, their usual method of choice: a weapon allowing for over-kill and an up-close and personal slaughter of the body (Of course, the exception in this trio was Casey’s victim, killing her own daughter, Caylee, who was only two years of age at the time. Casey most likely suffocated or strangled Caylee to death, shoved Caylee into the trunk of her own car to rot in the Florida heat for days, then finally disposed of the tiny corpse in a local dumping ground near her parent’s home).
One behaviour trait that seems to be present in all psychopaths is the need to satisfy their own desires at any cost. And with females, the need to find a man to satisfy those desires becomes paramount. These women usually are not the brightest bulbs in a string of lights so their ability to obtain an education to generate income on their own is minimal at best; yet, their desire to live like a Queen absolute. Although Casey Anthony killed her daughter and not a partner, it was because she needed to party and find Mr. Rich Right that fuelled her need to rid herself of the one person who was, in her estimation, dragging down her chances of winning such a man. I have no doubt, that if she had been childless, and she found a man to support her, she’d be in prison now for his murder, instead of her daughter’s, especially if he ever spurned her or cut her off from obtaining her material goals. The truly devastating part of this particular case for me is that the DWEEBS (and I can call the Anthony Jury members that for I just know they must have been dumb as fence posts not to have found her guilty of any charge – even 2nd Degree Manslaughter was on the table for cripes sake! -  that was given to them by the D.A.’s Office to apply as a Penalty for her actions), who found Anthony Not Guilty on all charges, save for the Fraud charge (she stole a cheque-book from a girl-friend and wrote a fake cheque to pay for clothes), have caused Anthony to be as free as a bird. And that fact has allowed for this human crocodile to again walk the earth in search of her next prey. And in my estimation, she WILL attack again, of this I have no doubt, but this time it will end up being a male sex partner, who will have let her down in some way. We have NOT heard the last of Casey Anthony, mark my words. Psychopaths are like deadly Eveready bunnies…they keep going and going and going, until physically stopped (imprisoned) or killed.
These three women just seem to be as identical triplets. Maybe they have been from different eras, lived in different locales, but their modis operandi, their impetus that fuels their destructive, narcissistic and deadly behaviour, identical and scarily so. To me now, murderers like Casey and Jodi are just Little Sadiemites, “New & Improved” versions of Little Mae Glutz, their power possibly even more strong in the sophistication they bring to their crimes, learning obvious lessons of what to do and not to do from their foremothers, like Susan Atkins. But sophisticated or not, the end result is the same…some poor innocent lies cold and dead in their grave and these monsters thrive alive, completely detached from reality and basically unharmed in any way by their actions or the resulting consequences. Being imprisoned I don’t think affects these women one iota and if allowed to wander the Main Line (being housed in the General Population), they just get psychologically bolstered and socially rewarded by the awe and adulation their co-inmates will give them. Atkins became the Den Mother to One & All in the California Institution for Women at Frontera,
CaseyAnthony-JodiArias-Psychopathy-Socioapthy-SusanAtkins 5
so her need to feed her ever-hungering Ego was satisfied even behind those bougainvillea lined, barbed-wired fences. Psychopaths have no physical nor spiritual need for human intimacy, they just seek it and fake an attachment in the hopes that their innocent partner will give them everything they want. It’s their sole need for self-gratification and if such a need is fulfilled, killers like these three will grow and flourish anywhere, possibly even sub-consciously, “educating” the younger imprisoned sociopaths under their care, who are in their wake.
What gets me is the public sympathy society tends to feel for the female psychopath over her male counter-part. These cutesy-pie girlie-girls win over the hearts of even the Jury members allot of the time, and despite the beyond gruesome spectacle the crime scene and autopsy photos show, these innocent-looking female “crocs” get, at best, Life for their Penalty, often Life With The Possibility of Parole, and if they get Death, Court statistics (cited in the Washington Post in an article entitled “Five myths about the death penalty”) show that 66% of Death Row killers will most likely have that Penalty over-turned on Appeal.
My advice is to be as afraid, if not more so, of the female psychopath. Their wily charms and alluring good looks can easily wrangle invitations to very intimate relationships with people where the love and trust their un-knowing partners have for them will become a very fatal error in judgement. You need only to view the crime scene and autopsy photos of the Tate murders, Caylee Anthony and Travis Alexander for my point to hit home real hard. These seemingly fragile and feminine lady “crocs” will viciously attack you, rip and tear at your flesh, kill you and then kill you some more, until there is nothing left to even put in the casket.
I wonder, could I coin a new species of female croc, do you think? I can, you say?! Well, okay then! I shall call it the “Sadiedile”…from wee babies spawned by the old Mother, new and more destructive monsters grow…and grow…and grow…
CaseyAnthony-JodiArias-Psychopathy-Socioapthy-SusanAtkins 6
Anyone up for an Everglades Tour in Florida right now?
Just a thought…
Title photo: www6.carleton.ca, Anthony Mug shot: www.mylifetime.com, Arias Mug shot: www.crimefilenews.com, Atkins Mug shot: cielodrive.com, Baby Crocodile photo: cfpmsge.wikispaces.com


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