Hate and Horror, My Cheer…

10050CieloDriveAugust 8 1969TateLaBiancaMurders 1
They left.
I saw them leave.
It took forever.
I wonder…
Do all well-healed Beautiful People take THAT long to go somewhere?
Well, you know, my take on Time is not as others but it seemed to take forever.
Mind you, there was a tense moment there, or what felt like ten minutes, when whoever was driving that Chevelle either was under the influence, nervous as Hell or just had a death wish desire to screw up the new paint job on that black-striped-ride-from-Heaven with a rather easily avoided collision with that hideous gate. I mean, who goes out of their way to scratch a cherry Chevelle with a metal gate. Not me, Man! Oh, Boy, not me!
Ah, well, kiddies will be kiddies…I think that scruffy little dude didn’t belong up here anyways…ragged jeans, a non-designer T-shirt looking like it had been clean…last Wednesday…
It’s amazing though, you meet someone you didn’t plan on meeting, not of your class, not from your “world”, and you end up just plain liking the guy…what ya gonna do? You keep him around for laughs, or to make you feel better about yourself, a science experiment, maybe…
Nah, you just end up loving everything about him…that’s all…it happens...
I think the scruffy little dude driving that Chevelle tonight thinks the same of “her”…

10050CieloDriveAugust 8 1969TateLaBiancaMurders 2
I like the rear lights on the Chevelle this year, weird-sided, piercing, how they glow, their ever-present beady little eyes pressed on you…an almost evil red at night…Don’t get me wrong, I’m not partial to Evil, per se, it’s just part of the job description sometimes.
Those tail lights tell me people are leaving…I like when people leave.
It’s so hard to be Me, listening to their banter, yeah, sure, you’re glad things are going their way but because you know you can’t join in, can’t have fun like they, a mere spectator, a mere aviator, an envy inevitably sets in and you just end up being glad they’re gone.
It’s The Dark Time now, The Time In-Between, the time when I shine.
I do my best work at night, when people are gone, when they don’t suspect I’m here, taking their place. Most people don’t think of Me, you know, they always think that while dusting, that ornament that accidentally fell off the coffee table, that didn’t break, Luck, they think…heck, T’wernt no Luck, T’was Me!
10050CieloDriveAugust 8 1969TateLaBiancaMurders 3The Christmas lights are glowing nicely on the fence tonight…hey, one light bulb is out, it’s a blue one, I think, well, it looks blue, so dark out here high above it all…wish I had fingers to screw it back in.
It’s finally cooling down now too, what a Hell of a day it was today, the inner tube, it’s gone from the pool, the underwater lights are on now, would have floated in there myself, for a while, if I could have…I have no hands to open the gardener’s shed where I’m sure it’s at…ah, well, that’s okay, I don’t think I’m meant to be here to float anyhow…10050CieloDriveAugust 8 1969TateLaBiancaMurders 4
I watched them all leave and nobody thought to lock the front door.
Nobody locks doors, yet, I guess…they soon will…just you watch…all of them will soon.
Good fortune for me tonight though, since I can’t float in the pool, since I must hang out ‘til they’re back, at least I can go inside, maybe have a slurp or two of an unfinished cocktail, hope it’s whatever wine that one guy was drinking, looked French.
Black as night out there, warm as toast-on-fire in here.
Lights on, no one home but us chickens.
I like this time…it’s dead quiet here right now, French Doors I see ajar in the Master Bedroom…I hear the motor running on that pool filter unit just outside…it’s competing with the chirping cicadas, it is. Rather annoying, that motor hum, maybe the residents have become used to it. Hell, later, it won’t matter much, doubt anyone will pay attention to that noise when other noises will be so ever-present.
Ah, well, no sense in dwelling on the future when the present is so here.
It’s amazing how you can’t see a thing outside when the lights are on in this house…I feel like a goldfish in a goldfish bowl…if only I had fins.
If you want my opinion, I think it’s a cryin’ shame I was sent here tonight, not my place to say but it seems like such a pity to mess with such a good thing.
I smell the remnants of perfume, also French…Givenchy, maybe…it’s hard to tell, I have no nose…
I guess I'll just sit on the piano, don’t know why, seems as good a spot as any, I can view all the exits, cover all the angles, look up at the loft, I mean, does it really matter?
Clock on the wall, it ticks, ticking by all the seconds. Time, my buddy…wouldn’t be me without it. I’m hungry, these kiddies were talking on food so much here today, a conversational topic of choice, it seemed, for that scruffy little dude, Beautiful People on the other hand try their best not to eat…wish I had a mouth.
I’m impatient, go over, peek outside, I do, just to see if anyone is coming yet. Hey, this door, wow, it’s heavy, a barely audible squeak it has…it’d be better for everyone if it was louder.
After tonight, no further plans for Benedict, I’m off to Los Feliz…man, what a busy weekend schedule I’ve got, hope I get “paid” extra, I hate working weekends, the traffic is murder. Oh well, “Idle hands are the Devil’s workshop”; “No rest for the wicked”; “Three knives in three hands are worth more than one look-out in the bush”…oh, no, wait a sec, that last one isn’t a Saying. Where did I come up with that? I slay me sometimes!
Yeah, I know I’ll be here for a while, if that scruffy little dude and his driving skills are any indication.
That’s okay.
I am Fate.
I lie in wait.
I’m here, I’m there, hell, I’m everywhere.
Where people forget, think all is so well,
Where days are a hit and nights are so swell,
I come.
I go.
Unnoticed I flow.
It’s all done by Me.
I am Fate.
I am here.
Hate and Horror, My Cheer.


Andrew said…
Very haunting and enjoyable, Ms. Burb. I like how you tied in with Deja Vu, as well. Nice touch.

The concept that the paths of our lives are predetermined, that free will and choice are merely illusions, is a spooky one. I like to think that we are totally in control of our own lives, that the results of our actions are mere consequences, not set-in-stone eventualities determined before I inhaled my first breath. Free will vs. fate. I suppose the argument take be made for either.

Just one guy's thoughts, I guess :) . Take care,

MsBurb said…
*snicker, snort!* :D

Hey, I just HAD to haunt the character "Dan" a wee bit, ya know, just had to...:D

Yes, the subject IS very disturbing, that we will fall into things already predetermined by entities we know not...

Had to write this because as soon as Dan & Company's tail lights were getting smaller down Cielo, something in me "knew" that property wasn't exactly "empty"..."something" was still there...I think...would have loved to have felt the air in those empty hours up there on the hill...maybe the property was very busy in preparation for what was to come and no one ever knew...:)
MsBurb said…
Thank-you, Andrew, for your generous comments and compliments...:)

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