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Roman Polanski still hasn't paid for his crime

Dear Readers;


I have been invited to be a contributor to this blog and I thank Ms. Burb for the opportunity.  That being said I'd like to address the extradition issue of Mr. Polanski.

He pled guilty to the charge of unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor.  He then fled the country before he could be sentenced.  Why should he receive any consideration from anyone to avoid being extradited back to Los Angeles County to stand for the crime?

Just because he's a famous director or artiste?  Is that why?

Do you want to live in a society where the rule of law can be perverted that way?  Really?

Tell me why.

Man o' Law


Anonymous said…
He should stand trial for his crime. I don't think there is any contention,, at least,.. that he shouldn't.

I do, however, feel that he should get a fair trial. In my heart of hearts, I feel the fair trial aspect is what was missing in 78.

He had a judge that was changin' the rules every five minutes, man.

I have to wonder, if I was convicted of a crime and had a boo-koo stash of jack layin' around, if I wouldn't have done the same thing....because of the fair trial that I was entitled to but not getting.

When the prosecutor aligns himself with the defense attorney against the judge, it could be a subtle indicator that I am about to get hung out to dry.

What Polanski did was wrong, there is no doubt about it. He should stand trial.

But it should be a fair trial.

In this case, his celebrity worked against him. It was not an assest,...however, it was also his celebrity that has kept him insulated all these years.

The sentence was worked out but the judge was going to change it at the last minute.

I mean, why is that right?

Have him come back here and serve what was agreed upon,...with a little more time for the whole fleeing thing.

If you can't charge a man twice for the same crime, you shouldn't be able to sentence him twice for the same crime.

I hope this doesn't come off as a bleeding heart comment. It's not meant to be. He should serve.

That judge was way outta control on that one.

I also can't fathom why Debra Tate is such a Roman advocate. It boggles the mind that she always jumps to his defense whenever a camera is put on her.

Debbie, Debbie, Debbie,...need I remind you that this is the man who cheated on your sister when she was pregnant.



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