Polanski Speaks Out on Extradition

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Pristash said…
Hi, all, fyi:

MsBurb said…
Hey Pristash, you realize that website is about the 60s session players and NOT about the movie, right?

These musicians were used by all the famous singers from the 60s as their band but these players nicknamed themselves The Wrecking Crew...
Anonymous said…
Hal Blaine and Carol Kaye and some others....They were the ones Brian Wilson used on Beach Boy albums instead of his brothers. They were cheaper and better.

Of course, that segued into the 1970's "Section",...the same band used by James Taylor, Carly Simon, Jackson Browne, Linda Ronstadt, Bonnie Raitt and Lyle Lovett.

I think the bass player's name is Russ Kunkel or somethin'.

Good Bass player, man.

I think Jim Gadd was on drums.

I think they're still playin',...

MsBurb said…
I should have made myself clearer...

This website is about the movie that is being made on this group of session players called the Wrecking Crew, and yes, Danny is right, EVERYBODY used them because these were the BEST musicians, bar none!

Nancy and Frank Sinatra, Herb Alpert, Wayne Newton, Sony & Cher, etc., etc., etc.
Pristash said…
Yeah, Kunkel was a drummer, played on Harry Chapin's first album too, and then briefly married Carly Simon after she broke up with James Taylor.

And it's Steve Gadd who is a drummer too...I believe he is from Rochester, NY...
Anonymous said…
Yes, you are right, Pristash.

I humbly bow to your musical accumen.

Leland Sklar was the bass player, right?

I shoulda known it was Steve instead of Jim.

I think they played with Simon and Garfunkel on that ill-fated 1981 tour. They played Central Park and the Akron Rubber bowl,...(that's where I saw them,...there was this girl with this cleavage thing goin' on,...I ended up dancin' the whole night with her,...I was pretty wasted),...then they broke up again.

"Carly Kunkel"?

That just don't have a good ring to it, do it?

Well,...I guess I'm just jealous, that's all. Y'all know how I feel about Carly,...if you don't, just read "Clouds In My Coffee" on TLB2!

(ahh,...those lips,...that hair...)

What was my name again?,...oh, yeah,

MsBurb said…
"Y'all know how I feel about Carly,..."

(sniffle, whimper, sniffle)...
Pristash said…
My wife saw Simon and Garfunkle play Central Park in 1981. I just got to watch it on HBO a couple of months later....
Anonymous said…
The Akron Rubber Bowl concert was basically the same. Same black and white motif on S&G. Same band, same tunes.

There was this long piano intro to Bridge Over Troubled Water,...I watched that intently. That intro will always stick out in my mind.

Then, of course, I went back to the cleavage I was dancin' with.

Did I tell you about the cleavage, P?

This chick, man,...she had this cleavage that made me forget my name, man. She was such a doll....and the best part about it was that she caught me lookin' at her cleavage and didn't get mad,...I remember it like it was yesterday, man.

She caught me lookin' at her cleavage and we ended up dancin' the night away. First time that's ever happened to me, man. Usually chicks get mad when you look at their cleavage, but not this chick,...wow.

(Wait a minute,...everyone can read this, can't they?,...)

...and,...ummm,...we danced and then we parted ways,...and she couldn't have been more courteous,...and,...ummm,...

I guess that's it.

We danced,...and then parted ways.

End of story.

(pssst,...send me your e-mail, Pristash,...I got somethin' to tell ya...)



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