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Pristash said…
OK, now,

But where would all the late night sound evidence fit in if CM and whomever went back to Tate and just looked around quietly, dropped the glasses and then left?
MsBurb said…
To PRISTASH - I have tried TWO times to respond to you on my response gadget but the damn thing won't save the response, so here's Number Three...I hope you see it!

I was wondering when you'd notice that discrepancy!

I only have two scenarios: 1) Charlie and his "partner" DID make a certain amount of noise at or nearby the vicinity of 10050, enough at least for the ear witness reports to have occurred, regardless of what Will has stated or the dogs heard; or 2) the ear witness reports between the hours of 1-4 a.m. were valid but had nothing to do with the murders themselves. After all, this was a Friday night in Los Angeles so I highly doubt Charlie's gang was the only noise-making bunch in the hills.

This is WHY I started what I thought was a valid thread on the Crimeshots Forum (for which I was sorely chastised by WILCUF) regarding the option of hypnosis therapy on the only surviving resident of 10050, Will Garretson.

In his own lie detector test, Will smartly assessed that even he was not satisfied with his own responses that he volunteered to undergo truth serum or hypnosis therapy and said as much to the lie detector officer but the officer ignored his request.

I really believe that when the LaBianca murders were committed while Will was in jail, the cops immediately went cold on the idea of Will's complicity and because of this premature assumption, they foolishly abandoned any further investigation of this boy.

Had they opted for a deeper investigation of Garretson, we may not be haunted by the gap between the possibility of a return to the Cielo property by members of The Family and the ear witness reports.

Chastisement aside, I believe that Will may STILL hold further information of what he saw and heard on that night hidden deep within his subconscious, that his conscious mind has never been able to recognize. Either that or we would know once and for all that what he stated on the lie detector test was all that he experienced.

The fact that the LAPD chose not to take Will up on his offer of further testing is why we have such large holes in the story today.

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