Sadie's Tool for Writing "PIG" at Tate

Here is Doober's Take previously published on Crimeshots Forum...

Yeah, I don't imagine that Sadie woulda been too concerned about gettin' the writing implement back to it's proper place on the estate.

I know it would have been the polite thing to do,....and had I been there, I would have made sure that the writing tool was placed in it's proper place,....because I have a certain amount of OCD,....which was dutifully pointed out by Ms. Burb in a previous post.

The fact that a large terry-cloth towel could not have been the tool is demonstrated by the legibility of the letters found on the door.

It is cogent to think that, if one were going up to kill someone to make a statement, that it would be imperative to make sure the message was clear, concise and to the point.

I think we unanimously agree that the word came through quite smashingly.

This could not have been due to a terry-cloth towel but with something of a thinner nature to ensure that the word did not look like it was written by a six-year-old....which, for the writer of such a message, would be abhorrent.

The fact that Sadie was too freaked out to go back in there,...which, isn't that the "booger-man" bein' afraid of his or her own shadow? demonstrative of her percieved culpability of the crimes.

Linda, on the other hand, probably hearkened back to her mother's admonitions that she "don't do as Donny don't does".

I could imagine that the thought that she had gotten mixed up with the wrong crowd dawned on her when Voyteck came stumblin' out of the house.

It had to be a pretty quiet ride for her,...back to the ranch.....'cept for the yellin' and all.

I imagine she was re-thinkin' the whole "peace and love" commune thing...while she silently fixed her make-up in the rear-view mirror.

"(Important mental Linda....from Linda..."these are not nice people")"

I'm sure that thought musta came into play when they took the $72 and went to McDonald's on the way home. It is my understanding that Tex took them out for a treat,....but let them only get one thing from the dollar menu.

So they had only 68 bucks when they got back to the ranch.

(Three double cheeseburgers,... and an apple pie for Sadie).

They threw the garbage out with the clothes so CM wouldn't get mad at them for not pickin' him up a #1 Big Mac meal.....with super-size fries and root beer.

I read that somewhere....

So to future mass murderers out there...make sure you bring a proper blood writing tool to your crime scene; or if you forget, use the purple scarf worn by one of your "unfortunates", drench it in his or her blood and for God's Sake, please write legibly! Etiquette demands that you drop it immediately after writing and let the winds take their course. Or write a letter to Sadie and get her detailed instructions of "How To"...either way.


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