Ms. Burb Has Made A Boo-Boo...

It has been brought to my attention that I may have misspoken in my last edition of the Sadie Enigma, implying that Deane Moorehouse lived in the Main house at Cielo when in fact, he had lived in the guesthouse.

This is no way changes my belief that Sadie was lying when she said she had never been to the Cielo property before, so my conclusion stands.

And in my last post, "The Proof Is In The 'Putting", a comment was made that I left out discussing the Blood Map - I did NOT leave it out by accident - I left it out ON PURPOSE because it is my opinion that Granado may have mis-typed some of the blood spots at Cielo and therefore, I believe, that blood map is moot in terms of evidence gathering.

Thank-you to EVERYONE who has offered their comments and corrections. Ms. Burb is but one wee chick and can goof up with the best of them! Keep'em comin'!!!


Anonymous said…
good luck!
Pristash said…
Interesting, especially when the blood map as it stands would seem to bolster your argument!
MrPoirot said…
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