Leslie van Houten, Please Stay in Jail...

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It goes a mighty long way to get a Free Pass in this world.
Social Invitations arrive.
Chairs are offered.
Doors opened...but for a vicious home invasion/spree killer, a jail house door shouldn't be one.
Leslie van Houten, by certain measurements, can be considered the second most dangerous killer in the Manson Family, and here's why;

Of all the killers, from Gary Hinman being the first, to Shorty Shea being the last, only Manson himself desired that killing be done, except for van Houten. After hearing of the slaughter at the Tate house that previous August 9th night, and after seeing the ghastly news coverage, Leslie was the only one who eagerly volunteered to go on the second night of murder.


Tex and Sadie had to get high as kites on Speed to achieve Tate.

Katie, by this time, was a mere automaton under Charlie's grasp, and as a result would have walked through fire for that demented little dude because he was the only person in her life who ever gave her affection, albeit a conman's version.

Linda went on both nights but did none of the killing. It was her driver's licence Charlie needed.

And although Sadie described the Tate killings in explicit gory detail in the Grand Jury, in her lifelong quest to draw attention to herself, it was only Leslie who exclaimed that the more she stabbed Rosemary LaBianca, the more she liked it.
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Not one other Manson Family killer ever said that. Not a one. 
(Yes, Sadie said she had an orgasm when she killed Gary Hinman, and in that statement she was her pathological liar self - she didn't kill Gary, Bobby Beausoleil did - she didn't orgasm - she was too busy restraining the poor man with a pillow so Bobby could get in a fatal stabbing.)

From the trial's conclusion in '71, to their sentence commutation in '72, to Leslie's temporary freedom on appeal, until present day, van Houten has plied the "pretty little girl lost" scam on anyone who would listen, and believe me, many a man has!

And although every one of the killers has been diagnosed with ASPD - Anti-Social Personality Disorder - Leslie's mental disorder is deeper than most. Her admitted desire to kill (that even Charlie didn't want for himself, that's why he had his "kids" do the dirty work) and her obvious crocodile tears display of remorse at the parole hearings puts her in a class by herself as per the killers.

Sadie, Susan Atkins, was a dumb kid seeking attention at all costs.
Tex Watson was a spoiled brat willing to do whatever it took to get what he wanted in life.
Katie, Pat Krenwinkel, would have followed Charlie into the gates of Hell for his affection.
Linda Kasabian just wanted to belong and be loved.

But it was Leslie van Houten who had no inner child need at all, except for the sadistic thrill to kill.
In interview after interview, video after video, bloody parole hearing after umpteenth parole hearing, Leslie plays the same card, and thankfully the California Board of Parole has had a brain and denied her the freedom she wants, that she in no way shape or form has a right to have...until, possibly, now.
On September 7th, the Parole Board in its 21st time to convene over van Houten's sentence has recommended parole for the second time for this 68 year old killer. I can only hope Governor Jerry Brown vetoes it for a second time. I beg him to veto this decision. She may no longer be a danger to society but that doesn't mean her punishment has been paid in full. If the Death Penalty had not been overturned, she'd be dead. Simple as that, and some four decades ago, I might add. Commuting that death to life, should be life without parole. Sure, let her have her right to a hearing, but no parole. The dead, however breathing, or not, behind bars, should remain dead to society. 

In history, how many untold hundreds of American men have been murdered by attractive, innocent-looking killers?

Before you throw up your "Free Leslie" placards for the nth time, put at least 16 red dots on your body where you'd like Leslie to stab you. To her, stabbing is like eating potato chips, guys, you can't stop at one.

Think about it.


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