White Hot Heat…Dying Flicker…Dead Coal…

Addicted to love.
Addicted to one woman, to HER love, ‘til death, in death.
That kind of love can actually spend time apart.
It can know others, know She is loved by others, made love to by others.
Yet It lessons not one iota, staying to its core…White Hot Heat.
He had faults, maybe, I mean, tied up with scarves and lightly whipped…? Whoopdeedo…sigh…
If it had been a problem, He would have changed…for Her, He would.
He didn’t have a chance to change.
She didn’t have a chance to need to ask.
She would have needed to ask…eventually…Roman would NEVER have changed…not for anyone…not even for Her.
Jay would…and She knew it.
Every woman He slept with, He saw and felt Her.
At breakfast, He looked to the chair across from Him and saw Her sitting in it, those big, itchy, scratchy 60s curlers in her hair, and She was utterly beautiful, every day She was…as He looked to that chair.
Women, starlets, he saw on sets as he did his “cut and glam” thing, were Sharon…every one of them.
And He would have NEVER admitted to the number of times He parked outside the gate at 10050, headlights off, sitting, waiting, watching, as He did have some pride left, but not much, not when it came to Her.
He was addicted.
He would wait.
He had time…all the time in the world…He thought.
He could have loved Paul Richard, after all, Paul would be a part of Her too.
It was okay. It all was okay. He thought.
She thought.
They thought wrong…
But in the end, Jay and Sharon and Paul Richard were together, so was anything really THAT wrong…after all?
People have murdered for less…


CarolMR said…
I love this! Jay was Sharon's soulmate. I know she loved Roman, but I think she was planning to leave him after the baby was born.
MsBurb said…
Thank-you, Carol...:)
Long time no see, huh?

Sometimes this story only HAS emotion to tell.

Sometimes evidence is just not enough...not for me...not if the WHOLE truth is what I seek...sigh...

CarolMR said…
MsBurb, haven't been here because of my usual computer problems. Sorry. So...do you think Sharon and Jay would have ended up (back) together? I seem to recall you saying that Jay was not intellectual enough for Sharon.
MsBurb said…
Hey, Carol...:)

As a "couple" again...highly doubtful...

In moments of weakness, romantic weakness I mean, Sharon may have sought out his bed, and they would have definitely remained close friends into old age, but a normal relationship, I doubt it, sadly.

Sharon, I think, did yearn for the more intellectual type, her Daddy's Daughter (aren't we all...sigh), so I doubt Jay could have filled that roll somehow.

My guess as good as anyone else's...just don't think so...

Doesn't keep me from waxing lyrical on them from time to time tho...I'm magnetically attracted to lost causes...sigh...
CarolMR said…
Well, if it makes you feel any better, I don't think Sharon and Jay would have been a lost cause! And the other men in Sharon's life (not that there were that many) didn't seem so intellectual. Certainly not Philipe Forquet, although I obviously don't know for sure. He just seemed violent. Richard Beymer? I can't think of any other boyfriends. I always liked that about Sharon: for a girl of the 60s, she wasn't easy.
MsBurb said…
For an up-and-coming Hollywood starlet, heck, you're right, possibly unheard of! Ha!

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