Bemused by Barker Bodies Statement…

BarkerRanch-TexWatson-TheMansonFamily 1 I thought I’d give you my BarkerRanch-TexWatson-TheMansonFamily 2 worth regarding Tex’s 2008 statement on whether or not he feels there are bodies yet to be discovered at Barker Ranch.
BarkerRanch-TexWatson-TheMansonFamily 3
BarkerRanch-TexWatson-TheMansonFamily 4 “My Definitive Statement (Click Pic to read Tex’s entire Statement)
  • I have no knowledge of any murders committed by the Manson family, other than those which have already been prosecuted by the authorities.
  • I have never personally heard any Manson Family member speak of any bodies being buried at Barker Ranch.”
I must say, that he and Sadie just never seem to be able to keep their mouths shut.
The above statement definitely, legally, seems to take Tex off the hook for any possible knowledge of other than the nine conclusively known…but because he can only speak about what directly affected him, it does not completely exonerate all members of the Family.
I myself tend to believe that there are no bodies buried up at Barker and reserve judgement as to whether or not new born babies were buried at Spahn. The latter I can actually see as a possibility when babies were being birthed on the ranch and possible medical complications ensued. Charlie would never have allowed anyone to report said for fear of authoritative reprisals. But as it stands for me, I really don’t feel there were any other premeditated murders other than the ones known, at either Barker or Spahn.
This admission by Tex, of course, does NOT address whether or not Tex was present at Shorty’s murder, and we do have Bruce Davis admitting that Tex was present. When I began my investigation in earnest, I thought that Tex had left for Texas before Shea’s death, but now I’m not so sure.
What seems to be odd is that no one has definitively interviewed Tex on Shea’s death, or if they did, we have no documentation to said, other than a cursory question being asked in the initial TLB interrogations whereby Tex denied his involvement. I believe that when Tex received the Death Penalty for TLB, the DA dropped any further investigation, as they already had Manson, Grogan and Davis for that murder, and I’m sure after a record-breaking one million dollar price tag for the initial TLB trial, the DA had pressure to not double up on culpability which would necessitate extra, unnecessary trials.
This Barker statement however does have an opposite effect on whether to disbelieve Tex’s past statements that he was in Texas at the time of Shea’s death because he has never offered a definitive statement of innocence on that murder.
When people reference Sadie’s admission of further deaths as proof of said, I tend to want to chuckle and blow bubbles like a kid because that broad said and did everything she could to inflate her image, augment her infamy and gain attention where possible during the trials.
My feeling, albeit just a hunch, is that there were no hitch-hiker deaths at Barker just like there was no celebrity death wish-list. All these stories only existed in Sadie’s head, making an already horrid group of young people even more outrageously gruesome. I believe that quite possibly, Sadie’s exaggerations may have lead to the Death sentences over Life sentences, at least for the girls.
My remaining question is why did Tex feel obligated to offer a statement at all, regarding bodies at Barker? I do wonder if it’s not “me thinks I doth protest too much” or fear that if they do find further bodies that Tex wouldn’t be up for another Death Penalty conviction, that this time, would be legal and eventually binding.
Your thoughts are welcome and encouraged as I’m really at a loss at to the ultimate motive for Tex to state anything in this regard.
Is it just me, not being a sociopath (I think?!), that if I were convicted of seven premeditated murders, I would spend the rest of my natural life being as low to the ground and as silent as the grave to not attract further attention???
All I know is that when a murderer stands up and says, “It isn’t me!”…I instinctively think it’s him….sigh…


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