Manson Family Murder Motives…Madness!

It’s come to my attention of late that possibly I have failed my readers some…

That because I don’t take an issue seriously, based on the obvious lack of evidence, I think they won’t either.

Yet just because I don’t, and they do, is no reason not to give their concerns and questions serious thought.

And in glossing over certain issues, however trite I might see them, I have inadvertently allowed rumours, innuendo, and unwarranted accusations to live on, to grow and to bloom where no flower should ever dare.

And for this glassy-eyed whitewash, MsBurb is truly sorry, and profusely apologizes to the TLB2 readers, and shall attempt to set the record straight as SHE sees it…

Maybe not as others do, but as she does, one rumour, one innuendo and one unwarranted accusation at a time…

This is the beginning of the end of my whitewash…

1) The TLB murders were a “hit” ordered by another “party”, still unknown, and executed by The Family, Charlie just being the conduit between the Order and the Family Hit Man & Women -

Hoo Boy! This is a doozy, ain’t it?!

Just for argument, let’s say this were true, shall we? But if these murders WERE an ordered, organized “hit”,

a) WHAT links the Cielo occupants to the Waverly occupants that a hit would be carried out within two days of each other? Voytek had the Canadian drug connection and Leno had the Mafia/horserace/Hollywood Bank industry connection, HOW do you mesh the two"? And WHY didn’t the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (who never had any bias one way or another in these American-originated crimes) or the LAPD find any documented link between Voytek and Leno even BEFORE Charlie was ever in the picture? Or even between Manson and Voytek’s dealers and/or Leno’s dealings after Manson WAS in the picture?

b) Since WHEN has any organized crime group ever done back-to-back SEPARATE LOCATION hits in the SAME city?

c) WHO told Charlie to tell his Hit Man and Women when the occupants of said locations would be at home, when i) Voytek and Gibby were invited over to Mama Cass’ place that night but declined?; and ii) the LaBianca’s were not necessarily expected home from the lake when they arrived?

d) Since WHEN has the Mafia ordered a hit with anything but a .38 up-close?

e) Since WHEN has a Biker gang ever retaliated with so much gore, that if it was NOT a handgun but a knife, the throats weren’t just slit, one and done? (And don’t tell me that the extra gore was to be a “red herring” because NO Hit Man ever stays on scene long enough to commit such a mess and risk an evidence transfer).

f) IF these murders were ordered, WHO was it that gave the order to Manson, or directly to Tex, and WHY hasn’t ANYONE, after 40+ years not given up this person’s name, when ALL Hits, Mafia or Biker, are eventually uncovered?

g) WHY did “this organised crime syndicate” (…whoever they were?) choose Manson as their conduit to organize this hit when there would have been countless “pros” in Los Angeles, both in the Biker and Mafia circles, far more experienced and less risky than a bottom-feeder drop-out like Manson or that wayward gang of kids out a Spahn’s? And WHY wouldn’t it have made more sense to IMPORT the Hit Man via Canada IF this was a “Canadian Connection”, like the “French Connection”, just to avoid any domestic tie-in?

h) IF this Family hit took place, and with the never-ending wagging tongues over at Spahn’s, HOW come NO ONE within or without the Family has EVER volunteered a name, or group of names, even if it was just to get Manson freed from jail in the first place?

2) Tex was the “Mastermind” behind the TLB murders, not Manson -

Okee dokee, another doozy for the whitewash pot, ain’t it?!

a) If Tex was the mastermind, then WHY was Manson considered the Leader of this Family and gladly admitted as such by many so-called Manson Family “experts”?

b) IF Tex was the leader and not Manson, then why do Manson sycophants continue to assert Charlie WAS the leader at all? Me thinks you can’t have it both ways, guys!

c) IF Charlie WAS the leader, then why would Tex be calling the shots?

d) IF Tex was the leader, WHY don’t we have former Family members pointing the finger at Tex, back in ‘69, if only to get Manson justifiably freed from these indictments?

e) IF Tex was the leader, and he has over time basically admitted to all that he did, WHY has he never come clean with this moniker, when doing so couldn’t possibly get him anymore jail time?

f) IF Manson sycophants INSIST that Charles was the Leader but also INSIST that Tex was the Mastermind, HOW do they mesh these two beliefs?

g) If Tex easily managed to bungle a $2,000 drug deal with Crowe, how was he supposed to “mastermind” a complicated set of locales and crime scenes in the TLB debacle?

h) HOW come we have NO evidence that even suggests that Tex Watson was anything but a Manson Family Follower? And HOW come we have no evidence that Tex was any kind of leader or mastermind in any caper prior to TLB?

i) HOW come Manson himself has NEVER pointed the finger directly at Watson and made statements that would serve as examples of Tex’s masterminding these crimes? How come it is that Manson himself admits going TO Watson with this plan but NEVER admitting Watson came to him with his own plan?

j) Tex Watson had NEVER been to ANY HOME at Waverly Drive BUT Manson had been to BOTH crime scenes?

k) IF Tex had been given assassination orders, HOW come he has never given evidence of a third party, if just to lesson his own culpability in these crimes?

3) Manson couldn’t have been present at these crime scenes or involved in these murders as he was said to be out of town as evidenced by a so-called CHPs speeding ticket delivered to Manson hundreds of miles from L.A., that has mysteriously gone “missing” -

Hoo Boy, and the whitewash pot gets another one!

a) I could type my own synopsis of why this is laughable, but why reinvent the wheel when Vincent Bugliosi and Manson HIMSELF did such a fine job the first time…

Pages 274-76 of “Helter Skelter”

“ On first learning from Fowles [LASO County District Attorney] that Manson might claim that he was not in the Los Angeles area at the time of the murders, I had asked LaBianca detectives Patchett and Gutierrez to see if they could obtain evidence proving his actual whereabouts on the subject dates. They did an excellent job. Together with information obtained from credit card transactions and interviews, they were able to piece together a timetable of Manson’s activities during the week preceding the start of Helter Skelter….

With a single recruit [Manson picked up seventeen year old Stephanie Schram from a gas station some distance south of Big Sur, probably Gorda], Manson left Big Sur on August 6, making gas purchases that same day at San Luis Obispo and Chatsworth, a few miles from Spahn Ranch. According to Stephanie, they had dinner at the ranch that night and she met the Family for the first time….

They spent that night in the van, parked not far from the ranch, then drove to San Diego the next day [August 7] to pick up Stephanie’s clothes.

En route, about ten miles south of Oceanside on Interstate 5, they were stopped by California Highway Patrol [aka CHPs] officer Richard C. Willis. Though pulled over for a mechanical violation, Manson was cited for having no valid driver’s license in his possession. Manson gave his correct name and the ranch address and signed the ticket himself....

Officer Willis noted on the ticket that Manson was driving a ‘1952 cream-colored Ford bakery van, license number K70683.’ The date was Thursday, August 7, 1969; the time 6:15P.M.

The ticket, which Patchett and Gutierrez found, proved Manson was in Southern California the day before the Tate murders.

While Stephanie was getting her clothes together, Manson talked to her sister….
He warned her that the blacks were getting ready to over throw the whites and that only those who fled to the desert and hid in the bottomless pit would be safe. As for those who remained in the cities, Manson said, ‘People are going to be slaughtered, they’ll be lying on their lawns dead.’….

That night, according to Stephanie, she and Charlie parked somewhere in San Diego and slept next to the van, returning to Spahn Ranch the following day [August 8, 1969], arriving there about two in the afternoon.

Stephanie was a bit vague when it came to the dates. She “thought” the day they had returned to Spahn Ranch was Friday, August 8, but she wasn’t sure. I [Bugliosi] anticipated that the defense would make the most out of this, but I wasn’t concerned, because that second piece of evidence conclusively placed Manson back at the ranch on Friday, August 8, 1969.

According to Linda Kasabian, on the afternoon of August 8 Manson gave Mary Brunner and Sandra Good a credit card and told them to purchase some items for him. At four that afternoon [August 8] the two girls were apprehended while driving away from a Sears store in San Fernando, after store employees checked and found the credit card was stolen. The San Fernando PD arrest report stated that they were driving a ‘van 1952 Ford license K70683.

Because of the fine job of digging by the LaBianca detectives, we now had physical proof that Manson was back at Spahn Ranch on Friday, August 8, 1969.”!!!

Manson himself NEVER disputes this…only Charliemites do…

b) Manson HIMSELF admits to being at Spahn Ranch on BOTH nights in question and PRESENT at the LaBianca crime scene itself;

Page 193-201 of “Manson In His Own Words”

“Stephanie had been living with her sister and brother-in-law. After getting Stephanie’s possessions and having dinner with her relatives, we headed back to Spahn. Though we could have made it back that night, I was in no hurry….

We spent the night sleeping beside the truck. We counted stars, told stories and made love. The early morning sun woke us up. It was August 8, 1969….

It was around noon when I drove the truck into Spahn Ranch….

During the month of August, the days in southern California last until nine-thirty or ten o’clock in the evening. By the time we finished our dinner, it was almost dark…. 

I went through the back house looking for Tex, but ran across Katie instead….

I nudged her with my foot, saying, ‘Katie, Katie, get up. You’re going for a ride with Tex and Sadie.’….

As I left the back house, I spotted Tex walking toward the boardwalk. I gave him a call, he stopped, and we had a talk near the corral fence. I did most of the talking. ‘It’s time to get something done for Bobby. The girls are ready to do whatever is necessary. They don’t have a plan or a place picked out, so it looks like it’s going to be pretty much up to you. But I think it would be best to hit some of the rich pigs’ places. Get some bolt cutters or something you can cut a phone wire or gate chain with. You know what else you need, so put it all together and get going.’….

Twenty minutes later, the old Ford and its crew of four pulled out of the dirt driveway.”

Pages 208-9

“…but I [Manson] was disappointed that no connection was made between the recent murders and Hinman’s death…. 

I had visions of another night [August 9-10, 1969 – LaBianca killings] that would add to the confusion and make the affairs of that night look [Tate killings] like more than copy-cat murders. We’d make it appear as though a full-scale war was being waged against the whites….

All of us had taken mild hits of acid….

We did allot of driving that night…. 

After two hours of driving with nothing coming down, I [Manson] thought of an area out near Griffith Park. In the past we had partied at a guy’s pad in that neighborhood. It was a pretty ritzy area with some pretty big homes. A couple of kids recognized the house [Harold True’s across from the LaBianca home]…,’No,’ I said, ‘I’m thinking about the house across the street….’ [The house across the street was the home of Leno and Rosemary LaBianca at 3301 Waverly Drive…]

NO denials of being present at Spahn on the first night (Tate killings)

NO denials that it was Manson getting Tex and Katie on “their way”

NO denials of being present on the second night (LaBianca killings)

NO denials that it was Manson getting everyone ready for the second night

NO admissions of being anywhere else but in the greater Los Angeles area at the time of BOTH nights of murder

NEVER relinquishes, nor does any of Spahn Ranch’s occupants relinquish any mysterious “missing” CHPs speeding ticket to show Manson was absent from the GLA area on either night

NONE of his Defence lawyers produce said ticket, nor do they even locate a CHPs officer who can verify such a claim…


If anyone out there can produce any documented evidence or witness statement transcript to refute what I have just expressed above, I whole-heartedly and eagerly await your email or Comment…

And while I’m waiting for you to come forward, I’ll be up in Alaska, continuing to saw down trees to build my log cabin hide-a-way, out in my “Manson Family Wilderness”, you know the one, the one that pits me against all the other Charles Manson sycophants out there, the log cabin Manson himself should have built, and been in, while NOT being involved in these murders, according to Charliemites and ATWA-ites everywhere…


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