Radio, Radio

"You either shut up or get cut out,
They don't wanna hear about it, It's only inches on the reel-to-reel.
And the radio is in the hands of such a lot of fools,
Tryin' to anaesthetise the way that you feel..."

Elvis Costello
Radio, Radio

Happy Thanksgiving.

So,...are we all filled up with turkey and stuffing and mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie and green beans in mushroom soup sauce with little french fried onions sprinkled on top?


Rather than bore you with some banal commentary, I thought I would try something new.

In this age of technological advancement, I find that we can actually use this to our advantage when wanting to take a step back in time.

Let's go back to the glory days of radio,...when everyone sat around listening intently to the serials of the 40's,...bundled up in a blanket by the fire, the dark....with a cup of hot cocoa on the end table.

A warm fire glows in the fireplace,.... the narrator spins a yarn of terror....

(But this is TLB2, you say...and, of course, it has to have somethin' to do with TLB.....)

And so it does, it does.

So, turn your speakers on, turn up the volume, turn out the lights and cuddle up with a loved one...or a spaniel or somethin',...

(If it doesn't come up right away, jiggle the little scroll bar,...kinda like I have to do with my toilet downstairs.,...BTW, press the play button first.)

Part One

Part Two

Nevermind that he was twenty years off. Nevermind that he calls Leno, "Leon". Nevermind that that THREE bodies were not found in the living room. Nevermind that PIG wasn't written on the wall of "Chee-ellow". Nevermind that Parent was 18 and not 21...

Nevermind all that, man.

We all know it's almost a work of fiction.

But it's that wicked English accent that just makes it all worthwhile....

(I know, I know,...I know what you're thinkin',...y'all can't wait for B to get back,...I'm dancin' as fast as I can here...)



Anonymous said…
very cool. i miss the old radio shows, thnx
Anonymous said…
Off-topic, but I will ask again: Why are so many of the posters on Col Scott's Official TLB board so anxious for Charlie to be innocent? They're waiting for someone to come forth with the "truth." They're waiting for Mr. Bugliosi to die so that someone can finally tell all about his private life, as if it had anything to do with the TLB case. Why do they have more respect for Manson than they do for Bugliosi?

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