Love Reign O'er Me

"We-he-he-he-ll the little things you say and do,
Make me want to be with yoo-hoo-hoo,
Rave on, it's a crazy feelin',
And I know it's got me reelin',
When you say, I love you,
Rave on."

Buddy Holly
Rave On

It seems that there can be a lot said about the Tate-Labianca murders, it here or elsewhere on the Web. The point of interest remains in the struggling to comprehend the murders, the murderers and the victims.

It's a like a freakin' instance of time in which we casual psychopaths try and wrap our heads around something that doesn't make sense.

The moment gets frozen.

We don't know why we do it,...or, at least, I don't. And I make no excuses for it. There is just somethin' about a car wreck that makes us look. We all have different perspectives...but the genesis of the interest is the same.

I ain't gonna try and freakin' over-analyze it. I'm just not deep, I just ain't got the freakin' time, man. I gotta be at work in two hours.

I began to think about the mediums that this obsession tends to manifest itself in. For some reason, the next steps get taken and it rises to the next level.

Myself?,...well, once I toyed with the idea of makin' a kick-ass balsa wood model of the Cielo house,...right down to the electrical sockets...but my interest soon waned when I got wind that there was gonna be a Little Rascals marathon on TV.

That, plus the fact that I knew I would be as consumed as Richard Dreyfuss was in Close Encounters. And I don't like to be that consumed.....It's just too darn consuming.

People create.

I suppose that these are not new to most of you, but I thought I would throw them up anyway.

The one picture is called, "Sharon Tate and Friends the Moment Before" by some guy named Valentin. It's a picture of the moment before. He thought that moment was important enough to paint a picture of.

The next one is,...gosh, I don't know the title,...but it was in the Tate Modern, art gallery on the banks of the River Thames. It's just a couch and chair, man. But it's the freakin' American flag that gets your attention. It's just a freakin' couch and chair, man, front of a freakin' fireplace.

The next one is just a kick-ass picture of Sharon.


I think I know why we have this obsession.

It's because we all have fallen head-over-heels in love with her,....isn't it?



Pristash said…
Sharon was indeed beautiful, but I have never really felt much about her other than pity for being a victim.
CCOL4HIM said…
It was so sad that Sharon was killed. I was a baby when it happened, but I heard a lot about it through the years.

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