Off Researching Again…Of That You Can See…

…so bear with me a bit,
and then you will be,
the witness of a new and fantastic spin on the same,
of the murderous ones in The Family, by name,
of Tex and old Charlie, and let’s not count out Bruce,
the soldiers of death, who played fast, and too loose,
with lives far better than they would ever live,
for actions in history, we will  never forgive.
Yes, just wait, and just wonder, what’s ‘round the next bend,
that MsBurb will dredge up, that MsBurb will re-send,
o’er the web, and to all who will read, in the next,
the complex tapestry of lies, the evil that they vex,
of the many and the few who were known to us all,
who then, I think still, do recall that great Fall,
of ‘69, when the world was fair and naive,
of a time when death, blood and bodies were yet unperceived,
of a place in the hills where stars are still born,
of a time that we thought would never be torn,
but a time that we found, would end in the morn,
with the death, blood and bodies of those in the know,
that only The Family could end with one blow.
See ya soon!


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