Linda: 40 Years Later…The Wallet…

  UPDATE: As per the Autopsy Reports from the LA County Coroner’s Office and the LAPD Initial Progress Report, Deputy Coroner John Finken was in charge of removing and bagging all personal property on and around the victims’ bodies found at the Tate crime scene on Cielo Drive, August 9, 1969.
Dr. Finken arrived on site at approximately 1 pm and began his work on the first body, John Doe #85 (as the identity of Steve Parent was not yet known). He bagged one Lucerne wristwatch, which was found in the backseat of the Rambler and a WALLET which held various papers, $9 in cash but no ID. He then took the liver temperature of the victim, the ambient temperature inside and outside the Rambler and bagged the victim’s hands for possible trace evidence before he moved on to the next victim.
Linda is full of s---!
She did NOT enter that Rambler after Parent was killed.
Nobody did.
All that was done after Tex shot this boy was that Tex reached in to the open driver’s side window, shut off the engine, put the gear in Reverse and the four of them pushed the car back into the driveway, away from the view of the gate.
Why Linda is embellishing her story is really up for grabs, as this story needs no further embellishment in my opinion. Whether the producers of “Manson: 40 Years Later” have pressured her to spice up her re-telling or whether Linda’s age and past drug abuse have lead to her to warping the events is still a mystery to me.
Regardless, Linda’s recent re-telling of the events of that fateful night up at Cielo Drive is far less reliable than her courtroom testimony 40 years ago.
If you are new to this subject, just remember the cop’s adage of, “The initial story is always closest to the truth!”…and that rule of thumb still holds true even in the light of this 40th anniversary movie.
As for whether or not all four took “capsules” of Speed prior to driving up to Cielo that night or whether or not Linda saw that the property held a pool will probably never be solved. One TLB2 follower did offer the speculation that maybe Linda saw the shimmering water reflection off of the hillside at the end of the house as she was surveying the West (back) side of the house for Tex. This is a definite possibility as the pool lights were ON that night and the light could have been seen as a shimmering reflection off of that opaque hillside.
Sadie and Tex both say that they snorted that meth/cocaine powder and one would have to break open the capsules in order to do this. Sadie and Tex never admit that anyone other than themselves snorted this powder; not Katie and not Linda, just Tex and Sadie. Also, gelatine capsules are rather difficult and expensive to produce so one would wonder how the kids would have acquired such a professional batch of Speed in 1969 LA. It’s not impossible but it is improbable.
As for the car Linda used to flee Spahn’s well a good TLB2 follower has enlightened old MsBurb that it was the new ranch-hand’s car.
TLB2 follower, Matt, states,
“David Hunnam's, a new ranch hand. In HS (Helter Skelter), she drove it until it ran out of gas, got a ride into Taos and then mailed the keys back to him with an apology letter.”
Thanks Matt! Me thinks old MsBurb needs to re-read HS again!
The Moral of the story, “Manson: 40 Years Later”:
Don’t believe everything an ex-hippie/thief/Family Member/witness to murder tells ya…as it just may be another Manson Family lie…
No wonder Linda still has so much bottled-up guilt…lying will do that to a person….


Matt said…
I'm unwilling to be that strident towards Linda. Memories fade and what was once a memory burned into your brain for life is now a confusing mush that doesnt match what you used to beleive. PTSD can do some pretty screwed up things to your memory.

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