August 9, 1969…2009…The End…kinda…

10050CieloDrive-August91969-TateLaBiancaMurders (14) It would have been a moon-lit night if it weren’t for all that incessant “coastal haze” Los Angeles is famous for…

It’s not like Swartz’ Ford didn’t know the route. It’s not like its tummy wasn’t full of gas. But if a hunk of steel can have emotional reservations about driving anywhere, that poor Fairlaine must have dreaded the return trip to Cielo Drive that night.

Charlie and his “partner” (whose identity shall forever remain a mystery just like the location of Jimmy Hoffa's body!…but let’s just say this, shall we…Nancy Pitman was on the boardwalk with Charlie when Tex and Company arrived back from their night of slaughter…wink, wink, nudge, nudge, say-no-more, say-no-more…) drove back up the same way the Tate killers had escaped, less out of curiosity and more out of concern.

Damn Sadie, losing her knife! Mmfft!!!

Had the kids truly made it a Hinman copycat murder scene after all?

Was any evidence left at the scene, besides Sadie’s damn knife, Mmfft!!, which could trace back to Spahn? Or more importantly, trace back to Charlie at Spahn?!
Had it truly been Helter Skelter, as Tex insisted?

These, and many other questions gnawed away at Charlie’s insides. I mean, what was he thinking allowing Sadie to be a part of another murder when she couldn’t keep shut on the last one? And who picks a football star to finesse their way through the complexities of mass murder?

Charlie’s head kept shaking silently back and forth as he was riddled with these thoughts, afraid that his greatest fears were awaiting him at the top of Benedict Canyon.

Up ‘til now, Charlie hadn’t allowed his mind to dwell on who may have been caught in this murderous web, and a tiny part of his heart hoped it wasn’t that beautiful honey-blond broad he saw at the front door with that insolent foreign man, March sometime, wasn’t it, he thought to himself. Charlie had wanted to see Rudy Altobelli on the 23rd but came face-to-face with that big-eyed beauty instead.

Ahhh, Charlie shook that maudlin thought right out of his head and focused on why the job was done in the first place. Copycat murders were needed, money was needed, and the Pigs needed to pay for the bad karma that had befallen The Family of late. A 5’2” guy with 25 kiddies can absorb only so much!

10050CieloDrive-August91969-TateLaBiancaMurders (15)
Ascending and turning on the winding jet-black Canyon road, with only the dash lights to illuminate their concerned faces, Charlie and his “partner” made the final climb to the Cielo Drive turn-off and to whatever may face them when they too, jumped the gate…


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