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desertflower said…
Hello.I really enjoy all of your Posts.I grew up in Simi Valley , home of Spahns Ranch .Even have a former boss & friend whom scored "something" from Clem ( what a charming experience that must have been, Yikes!) anyhow I picked up the book, Helter Skelter ,when I was a youngster off my parents shelf and have been hooked since.& here I thought I was the only one " obsessed' as they call it.Facinated is my word for it.So I wanted to say thanx for having this site.I dont feel so alone anymore! looking forward to next post.
MsBurb said…
Hey, desertflower

Glad to be of some service to you!

We have all come to this story from varying points of views and experiences but we all seem to stick with the story for the same answer the "Why" question, I think...

All murders have the need for this question to be answered but the "Why?" for this set of events and these people locked in an era that was anything but the norm begs for a lifetimes work of searching, doesn't it?

We at TLB2 may not get any closer than the rest in uncovering the "Why?" but we sure as Hell are stupid enough to try. For us, maybe it's not the goal of gleaning a full answer but more living through the journey on the way to the answer which is ultimately important.

Wanna take a ride with us desertflower? OF COURSE you do! (wink, wink)

We're super glad to have you! :D

desertflower said…
Hey MsBurb! Thank you for your warm welcome and I am super glad to be here! Well put ,on the reasons people such as myself and TLB2'ers are on the same path.I have been following your blog for some time and I find the post's have so much more to offer individual's seeking out the truth of The WHY? There are some good sites out there such as But most sites put out what sells and ,in this girls opinion, this case has enough to sell without the lies!If I only had a nickel for every kid & adult who told me they cut out Sharon's baby... & that is one reason after following ya'lls posts, opinion may be inserted ,but outright lies I have yet to find on here.It's a great site and OF COURSE I AM ALONG FOR THE JOURNEY!but you already knew that:)! desertflower THANX FOR HAVING ME MS BURB! btw any posts you could direct me to on upates on Miss Fromme? My puter was down for a while and I have missed out on what became of her ater she was let out?
MsBurb said…
Hey desertflower!

Hold on...the ride could get bumpy ya know! (wink, wink)

Squeaky is in upstate New York. Besides the initial press releases from that town, everything has been dead quiet. She DID however have a few minutes phone call from Charlie from Corcoran, where she just plainly said she did NOT want to talk to him.

I've not as yet covered Squeaky on here, desertflower, as I've not covered allot of the players...kind of going through each one by one, in depth, so have nothing to offer you at this point.

I DO have a post on her past partner-in-crime, Sandy, if you so desire. Here is the link to that one>>>

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