Charles Manson...In His Own Words...

Charlie in 2007
"A Way of Life" is a special message from Manson to all. October 2007.
A way of life, and the people who fight for a way of life (and the order of, and in),
that kills germs, bugs, birds, cows and pigs, and feeds on Life, is at war with Nature
and has no ATWA in its' soul ; and is running as fast as it can to death, and is at war
with its' own life.
You can thank the North and South Wars, that divided this country and the world,
for control over the Money-Gods of Rome and the Churches of Deceit.
Signed……Straight Satan
Charles Manson

A Second Message to all from Charles Manson, October 2007

In all my life, and where I've lived, the ways that things have come before me have set a lot of what I am, what I do, where I go, where I don't go, where I come from all around, and what I'm about. The court of my days, in my time, has become a chamber of my court in my thoughts and mind. We do what the court says, one way or the other, if we are to survive and live and have a life. I am what the court says I am, like it or not. I am the chambers of my court.

In other words, if the courts pick you up, and they take you and they get a verdict, that makes that a reality. Much more than the doctor signing your birth certificate! You are confirmed by the court as being what you are! It hasn't got anything to do with any other reality, except that the judge that sits in the court is our eye into the money.
That is said to say this: Real can only be what the court says! The court says I am a cult and its leader, like it or not. I am a dealer of life and death! What I did or did not do before, is in the wind. In other words, it doesn't matter what I did before. What the court says is what I have to do now. What the court says stands. It stands forever!

In all courts I have been in, my mind is only one chamber. The hole I came out of was prison. You can call it mother, but it was prison. Everything that is in all, is held in the prison of everything circles of what is not. And nothing holds everything! And isn't everything the prison, held to be nothing, or is it nothing being held by everything?

That's an intelligent thought, from an intelligent life form, who suffered 60 years to wake up to that axiom. When people lie to or about me, and won't let me be what I am, they end up with that judgment about themselves. (Its' got nothing to do with me! It took me a long time to wake up to that, too.) I can help a person, but not until he sees and knows, I can and will be truthful! If you know I'll be truthful, it can only be because you'll be truthful. But he first must be truthful and right with himself, with me.

What's been done to me in my will, will be the will that comes back, to and for, them. And it's my court. I am Charles. The court said so, and I was there in that will before I ever met anyone who was alive in 1969.

I have been the courts, and all that was and ever could be, and went to the Doctor and gave him my life! 'Bought the hospital with my inmate money in this prison, and was cheated and lied to about it. It WILL come back in truth, until honor and righteousness is set in its proper place. (In other words, what that means is, that I gave up a hernia operation, and laid down in a trailer and took a chance on losing my life! Because they wouldn't let me go to an outside hospital. They said it was an escape plot. So, they said they wanted to use this to go to Sacramento, to appropriate 7 million dollars, and use the notoriety of my case to make 7 million dollars from the prison fund to build this hospital. And the Doctor said if you do this, and we get the hospital, I'll give you the first broom. You'll be the tier tender. I was supposed to be the broom in the hospital. I've done this job in the federal prison, I've done it in Vacaville, and I was supposed to get a tier tender job that would be helping everybody in the hospital like I've always done.) When a person lies, he lies in and with the lies. I was told I'd get things. I'd get the first broom in the new hospital, and people thought they tricked me and the trick always comes back to the place where it starts.

Susan Atkins has been lying to those people, and who lies thinks everyone else lies. So what's happened here, the reason I am writing this letter, and sending this letter, is the doctor is under suit and everybody's on his case. And he's in court now, and he can't exist because so many lies have got on top of him. He's got the lies of the Hindu coming over and telling him he's the doctor. Because, the guy who set me on fire, you remember that? He killed his father for a Hindu Guru, who said that there was only healing from God. Then, as soon as he killed his father, the Guru got a haircut, turned around and come back like a doctor. 'Said he didn't have nothing to do with this guy. You dig? So then, when I went over for a colonoscopy, he's on top of my doctor (that gave me the hernia operation), with a lie, that's working out of some dude that killed his wife. And he's tricking this Hindu into thinking that he's a Hindu, and he's accepted that religion, that's his ultimate, you dig? And he pretended like he hung himself … and the Hindu let him out the back door in a witness program, with the other program administrator whose lying about the Christians. When he seen the Christian, lying, double-dealing preacher over here doing it, then he's just following suit towards that, and there's no truth in what they're doing, and no honor! You see it? So then the guy comes back to me because they're suing him. And they're taking his practice, and taking his life, and he can't get his hospital, and he can't get his doctor back, and he's losing his whole medical association! You dig? Because one hole in the boat's going to sink the boat! I'm trying to patch the hole in the boat so I can get my goddamned boat to float. And I can't get no righteousness going. I can't even get the damn mail out of the door. In other words, I'm having trouble just getting letters to you!

I got people who think they are taking over something. Whatever it is, it's convoluted with confusion, and lies and bullshit. And I can't get a straight line on anything in this place, man. They take my property and they do anything they want to do with my life. They run three sets of visitors off. They ran Ansome and T.J off, 'said they died.

Let me say this to you. You can't fake it. It's got to be real or it's not going to work. If it's not real and it's not true, it's simply just not going to work, man. You got to be real, you got to be righteous, you got to do it the way it's supposed to be done, and it's got nothing to do with me. Me is a word, man. Righteousness belongs to everybody. Everything that I'm saying is everyone. I'm not THE one. There is no one THE one. Everybody is the one. Everybody has the one inside of them.


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