"Ballarat or Bust"...Chapter Eight...

Our jeep’s headlights flashed on to the stucco building where Tex’s girlfriend’s place was.

It was dark by the time we pulled into the car park.

The complex was dead quiet except for the singsong of the cicadas in the bushes.

And the night air was still but the heat was heavy, as if the night had no power to drive it underground.

We slowly stepped out of our seats, our backs tight and stiff from the trip. We stretched, the both of us, tired and dusty, and trudged back to the hold to get our gear and all those guns. Why the guns? I thought to myself but I was too tired to seek the answer that night.

We both headed down the complex sidewalk and hit the first outside staircase we could find. Tex told us he was in #207; and within a few minutes and a few feet we found his front door. Knocking quietly and waiting for a reply, only moments slid by until the door slid open to reveal the bugged-out eyes of Tex staring back at us.

“Boy, am I glad you guys are here. I need help, Man, really. Come in.” Tex whispered as he ushered us into the front hall where we unceremoniously dropped our gear.

“We’re here but we’re wrecked, Man. It’s been a long day. What the hell is this all about? Charlie wouldn’t tell us anything.” said Bobby.

“Listen, keep your voices down. She’s sleeping right now and she needs her rest; she’s felt so sick since I took her.” Tex whispered.

“Her? Who her, Man?” Bobby blurted.

“Sharon.” Tex confessed.

“Sharon? Who is Sharon, Man?” insisted Bobby.

“Sharon Tate. You know, that hot babe in the movie ‘Valley of the Dolls’ and in those freaky vampire movies that asshole Polanski is showing all over town. That Sharon, Man!” said Tex.

“You have got to be joking, Tex. You have Sharon Tate in your bed? What the hell do you need us for, Man? Congrats, I’m sure!” smirked Bobby.

“No you don’t get it Bob, I took her.”

“What you mean you ‘took’ her?”

“I fucking went up to that Cielo house and she was there and I didn’t have the heart to kill her and her baby, like I did the others. She was so beautiful, so small, so pregnant. She begged for the life of her child, Man! She told me to carve the kid out of her womb if I killed her. I couldn’t do that; I wouldn’t know how. I just took her.” Tex said as he slowly slid down the hall wall.
“What did you do Tex? Why did you go to Melcher’s old place? What the hell are you playing at, Brother?” Bobby whispered in not so hushed tones.

“I need to get her up to Barker. Charlie said I should. I need your help, Man. You came to help me, right Bob?” Tex pleaded.

“Yeah, yeah.” Bobby mumbled.

And with that, we three walked into the living room and into our fates.


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