TLB2’s First Anniversary…Whoo Hoo!!! (and nobody’s died yet, that’s a good thing, right?)

2ndOfficialTate-LaBiancaMurdersBlog-FirstAnniversary-TLB2 1 To all of our readers, supporters, and dare I add, our vehement ENEMIES, we at TLB2 want to thank you all for having passion for us and what we do, our blog Growing Pains and all, whether it’s disgust or adoration, we really don’t care…we LIVE for both, really!
This, you might say, is only the Manson Tip of the Family Iceberg for we have lots in store for you this coming year and for many years to come, that is, if the TLB2 Authors don’t die of scorosis of the liver first!
As you might have noticed, we added a Suggestion Box, and yes, you can write down that we are ugly and our Mothers dress us funny, we don’t mind, heck, what’s a Suggestion Box if it doesn’t contain mean graffiti every once in a while?!
But for those serious-minded out there, feel free to let us know what you think we are lacking here at TLB2, so we might better meet your research needs as well as our own.
This year may have in store some actual real-time, face-to-face investigation plans, and if it does, hold on to your hats ‘cause when MsBurb gets new information, there is no holding that woman’s tongue, I tell ya!
Anyhoo, just a note to say how grateful we all are for the time you’ve taken out of your busy day to read us and experience our viewpoint on this slice of 60s Americana, only a 60s set of North American Authors can offer.
It was just by accident that I started TLB2 on St. Patrick’s Day…but me thinks that really, the gods, my Father and the essence which is MsBurb had something to do with it too, so I doff a toast to you and yours as we celebrate the first 365 days of Manson through the eyes of MsBurb and her dastardly gang.
We don’t promise perfection but we WILL leave cocktail glass rings on your computer screen if you give us a chance!
From All of Us at TLB2…


Pristash said…
Excellent, congrats on your first year...keep up the good work.

I enjoy stopping by, reading and occasionally adding to the discussion.
MsBurb said…
And we enjoy having you here...(Big Smiley face insert here)
Pristash said…
Boy, Ms. Burb, you sure look better than me...
MsBurb said…
The "look" is good but the "feel" is better (wink, wink)...rrright?
MsBurb said…
To Pristash - (Insert blushing emoticon here)

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