Hey, Wait A Sec! Qualifying My Comment On Her Parole…

No one has asked me what I meant by, “Thank God…Now I Can Breathe”, but just because I haven’t received questions doesn’t mean they’re not hanging out there, unanswered, as heavy and dank as L.A.s coastal haze…

It’s NOT because I think she, or any of the other Manson Family killers would kill again.
It’s NOT because I think Susan is still that wide-eyed, Buck-knife wielding zombie of days gone by.
It’s NOT because I think she’d recruit younger zombies as soon as she saw daylight without the shadows of the bars on her face.

It’s because of a precedent which could be referenced by all future defence attorneys for their killer clients IF the Board of Prison Terms had given her parole.
There HAS to be a line drawn in society’s sand that says that just some acts of wanton death and destruction must NEVER be entertained in our civilized world.

That ones home should be ones sanctuary.

That we, as citizens of this world, should at least expect some peace and security, while readying ourselves for bed, at midnight, on a summer’s eve.

And IF we excused Atkins in allowing her parole, then forever after, we would have like-minded murderers saying, “Hey, you let out the Manson Family murderers, so why not me?!”

And can we afford to make such a precedent available to those future freaks?

THAT was why I was so nervous and jumpy awaiting the decision on Atkins.
THAT is why a good fifth of my newest bottle of Cubana Rum was drank.
THAT was why I stayed up until the decision was publicized.
THAT was why I held my proverbial breath all those long hours on the 2nd.
THAT was why I finally exhaled and wrote that title, Atkins Parole DENIED…Now I Can Breathe…”….


Anonymous said…
I felt the same way...great blog!
Matt said…
I cant agree. Whatever your feelings about her DP sentance being overturned, her sentance as of now is Life with the possibility of parole. It was NOT Life without possibility of parole. Its not for anyone reading this to decide if her sentance is correct.

IF you work under the assumption that she does have brain cancer and is barely lucid 90% of the time:
1) She poses no threat to anyone.

2) Her continued incarceration serves no purpose. She isnt getting out of bed and the location of that bed is not something she will note prior to her passing.

3) She was a nearly model prisoner.
Matt said…
Im sorry, you either believe in the legal system or you dont. When her sentance of death was commuted to life with the possibility of parole, it was if her original sentance was life. The parole Boards decisions have NO precedent setting value. Only courts can create precedent. Manson could be paroled followed by Van Houten (most culpable followed by least) and VH would have no appeal available to her. Specious argument, fueled by emotional. Thats why there IS a system and not just vigilante justice.

Im willing to bet every one of my cameras that the decision by the board was purely political. Namely, that the members of the Board were unwilling to put their names to the release of one of the TLB murderers and the very high likelihood that their decision would be overruled by the people farther down the decision tree, like the Governor. Recall that the Board are political appointees.

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