MsBurb's Reason for TLB2...

A mighty long time ago now...

I was just 5 years old but those nights in L.A. are burned into my retinas.
I was living with my Aunt and Uncle in SoCal when the murders hit the news-waves. Despite being shooed away from the living room by my Aunt, I peeked around the corner that day and for weeks, and listened to the words of the reporters, I saw the blurry TV images - aerial shots, gate shots - but hearing, seeing at so young an age doesn't allow for reason, and imagination takes over. In effect - I thought Charlie and his gang were after me...

To this very day, August is an antsy month for me, and I have never been able to open a window, look at a screen and not think of a bayonet slicing through it.

It's crazy, of course, to fear...but some moments in time just forever linger, like a red stain on a white nightgown that will never wash away away...


My Father was a Constable in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police - RCMP - and he would often talk about tactics he'd use on moonshine makers or poachers or drifters who were up to no good but would not leave his patch in the Canadian prairies. His solution to get them gone: Polite and Incessant Companionship! Yesiree, he'd do a Drive-By every morning, noon and night. He'd get out of his cruiser, say a friendly Hello, look around, freely chat with the scum-bags like he was their very best friend. It got so bad for these hoodlums - my father reappearing and hanging around like a bad penny - that they couldn't commit any crimes at all! And sooner or later - days, weeks, heck even a few months - these low-life's would skedaddle off my Dad's patch. Constable Thompson, like all RCMP Constables, always got his man!


I tell you this little ditty because after my Father's death, I thought about how he would have taken care of the "Slippies" at Spahn Ranch. My answer: The Same Damn Way! He would have been on their asses from dawn til dusk, and Charlie and Tex and Bruce would have had a fit! No chop shop, no drug deals, no hot trades with the Satans, no prostitution or shop-lifting for his Girls, effectively Nooo Nuthin'!

Sooner or later - my gut says sooner - Charlie would have pulled up stakes at Spahn and moved to Barker, and he would have done so way before July 25th, 1969 when the first home invasion/eventual murder of Gary Hinman took place.

Being the stickler my Dad was, I'm not sure that he wouldn't have checked for outstanding violations of parole for a bevy of these ex-cons, and Charlie would have been back in jail for, at minimum, not reporting his whereabouts to his San Francisco Parole Officer, a max, for possessions of hot cars, hot car parts, illegal weapons or illicit drugs that seemed to permeate those dusty digs.

It would have been Charlie knowing to vamoose or my father catching his tail in a crack. North Irish-Canadian cops don't give up easily.

And to that end, neither have I.


The 2nd Official Tate-LaBianca Murders Blog, aka TLB2, was born out of a need to set the REAL record straight about these crimes and these criminals, not the hype, the innuendo, or the outright bombast that is found on other Manson sites, whose main agenda seems to be to side with Charlie and the gang and with their online rhetoric attempt a release for these killers one day.

These are disgusting murders committed by disgusting people and there has to be a forensic, fact-based talk on those who are still imprisoned and those who are not, but should be.

TLB2 will have serious examinations on the crimes, the criminals and the crime scenes, but it will also host a peppering of fictional takes, music videos and extras from different Contributors that will bring those times and that sweltering L.A. summer back to those who remember...

Join me, won't you, and let's head back.

My soul is standing right now on the Pacific Coast Highway 101 ready to catch rides to Malibu, Chatsworth, Barker, and Benedict Canyon.

You comin'?


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