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Monday, August 9, 2010

There’s So Much…Isn’t There…?

August91969-CieloDrive-MansonMurders 1

So much hurt.

So much damage.

So many people affected.

So, so many dead.

And the rest of us, alive, but scarred.

I am not one for stating the obvious, when it’s the obvious that is on everyone’s minds, just never have been a fashionista…I leave that to others with more objective insight than I…

August91969-CieloDrive-MansonMurders 2 12:15am…some eleven hours away…tick, tick, tick, tick, tick….

Are the players of this travesty about to live through Hell, or are we, who relive it every goddamned year, I wonder?

Tonight, as in all years…there just ain’t enough booze to be had…

So, to try and avoid the pain of the long since passed, I choose to embrace the fantastical here and now…and the Now is in my man, Dan, you know, that loveable artsy-fartsy guy who always manages to show us the beauty, even in the horror…of it all…

I’m just not that gifted, it seems…wish I were…just not.

Dan, if he could be here right now would say how wonderful that day had been, how the Hi-Fi in Sharon’s living room had worked just cherry, all day long, no skips, no lags, no nothing…a perfect California day as any other day in the hills of Bel Air…yeah, it was a sweltering one but the Canyon had a slight breeze and Sharon’s pool was always an option…

Fridays are almost always good, aren’t they?

Sharon was hot, yes, in more ways than one for my Danny..but what pregnant woman wouldn’t be sweltering on a sweltering day, right?

And anyways, no matter how she was, my guy Dan would have seen her as perfect…no matter…boy, did Sharon miss out on this one…!

Jay would have been jealous, of Dan, of course, even though it may have been Jay who would have been the more polished of the two…but Jay would have known to be wary of Dan’s killer roughness and his sensitivity…it was that combination that could have netted Sharon, after Roman, maybe…for there would have been an “after Roman”, we all know that…and as for Dan, well, we’ll just never know, will we?

Will we, Dan?


There’s always one in a crowd, you know, the avante-garde, arrogant self-absorbed cohort, always late for everything to do with his friends…


Right Dan?


Betcha he’ll be late for his own funeral…oh, no, wait a sec…strike that.

That day, no different. Good thing Dan is the patient type…that, and free food as an incentive, of course, helps.


Hours ticking by…seems to lag for those, then, seems to fly, for us, now.

Night wears on, heat still ever present, doesn’t matter how many showers you take, you just come out sticky like before…Sharon gave up, maybe, on this one, huh, Dan? No matter, Sharon is perfect, right? Stinky, but perfect…for Danny.

Voytek finally shows himself like the Divo he is…all now getting ready, smelling better, August91969-CieloDrive-MansonMurders 3 down to the valley below, dinner, drinks…home.

For the last time. Home.

One last call, maybe a few more night caps, especially for Jay…Danny getting on his nerves I’ll just bet. Sharon stoic but not amused.

The real world stops knowing what happens now…until the unreal world hops over a fence to fine out.

August91969-CieloDrive-MansonMurders 4

12:15am. Saturday August 9, 1969.

Even clocks have a way of stopping in cars that night.

August 9 1969, Cielo Drive, Manson Murders


CarolMR said...

At first I thought that clock was the one Steven Parent was trying to sell to William Garretson.

MsBurb said...

Its an identical replica of the one Steve brought to Will, yes, Carol, NOT the real one, but an identical one...

Sony AM/FM Digimatic...

CarolMR said...

Really? I wouldn't have thought they had digital clocks back in 1969. Interesting. Also, great picture of Cielo on top of this post - the way it must have looked that night when the crazy people arrived.

MsBurb said...

Nooooooooooooooooo, Carol...DIGIMATIC Not digital...

This was the type that had tiny little plastic flaps that would rotate as the minutes went by...

Very popular back then, considered state of the art in '69...

They're just flaps that rotate on a wheel...:)

CarolMR said...

Yes, you're right. And I remember the flaps would take forever to turn over!

MsBurb said...

Exactly Carol!

Now you got it!

My parents had one and I used to lean my elbows on the kitchen counter just WAITING for a flap to turn! giggle...

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