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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Stuff You Too Can Do…If You Have No Life Like MsBurb!!! Drive 1


Editors yelling at me.

Inbox over-flowing.

Rugs need a vacuuming…and I’m writing this half naked because the laundry room is awash in icky clothing…

But noooooooooooooooooo…sometimes I just have to screw around, you know, and do stuff people do if they have no life…so here is what I’ve been doing…

There is this cool, little site, you see...

Yeah, you COULD glean this info through the local law enforcement agencies and probably obtain more accurate data…but would it be just as FUN? Hardly!

The site is called myLocalcrime and it incorporates the Google mapping system with the crime stats of a certain address you insert, spanning over the last six months or so.

Soooooooooooooooooo, you just KNEW that as I sat slurping my coffee Coffee Work-a-holic(this is cup number four, by the way!), MsBurb would HAVE to insert a certain Cielo and Waverly Drive addresses, juuuuuuuust to see what’s been going on!

I won’t list the exact locations of each crime but you CAN see where they have occurred in the Cielo Drive area 2

and in the Waverly Drive area Drive 3

and the types of crimes committed.

As I scrolled down the timeframe of each reported crime, I was hit with the glaring fact that NONE, neither at Cielo nor at Waverly, ever occurred around the timeframe we know the Manson Family hit up these locations 41 years ago…”Hmmmmmmmm”, I hmmmmed to myself…

Yeah, I TOLD YA…I have no life…sigh…

It made me kinda chuckle though…almost like the 12:15 and 2:00am time slots are now sacred zones off limits to future criminals, they themselves paying homage to the “Great One” who came before!

It’s no wonder there is far more crime at Waverly than Cielo, just for the simple fact that the gates in Bel Air are far less impenetrable than in the old Los Feliz area…but you just have to wonder, don’t you?…

Well, anyhoo, enjoy looking at this, today’s waste-of-time effort especially chosen for YOU, my dear TLB2ers, by MsBurb, and visit the site yourself…

Maybe it’s just because Charlie is in jail that 12:15 and 2:00am have not been filled…again…

Anyone for coffee?  teaming Hot Cup of Coffee…slurp.

Cielo Drive,, Waverly Drive


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