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Wednesday, April 14, 2010


If I have to explain everything MsBurb posts on TLB2…what would be the point?…

Kokomo, Terry Melcher, The Beach Boys


Anonymous said...


Written by Mike Love, Terry Melcher, John Phillips and Scott Mackenzie.

Talk about TLB serendipity,...


Pristash said...

Wow, you know I did not know that....seriously.

MsBurb said...

Pristash, Pristash, Pristash, my lovely little could you NOT know know EVERYTHING, rrrrrright?

Besides the fact that he just plain ADORES me, I keep Dan around for the musical connection you know, and although I couldn't have listed for you who produced K beyond Terry Melcher, even I knew this song was Terry's swan-song with the guys before he died...

I put it on TLB2 just for you, Big Boy...okay, no, I didn't...but you can PRETEND I did if you want! I pretend that Tom Jones' marriage proposal to me just gets lost in the mail...EVERYDAY!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Heck, Yes!

It was also the only Beach Boy tune that Brian Wilson had nothing to do with. Nothing.

Considering how big this song was, it was an elusive cash cow as far as Brian was concerned.

Did you know that in 69, the Beach Boys could barely fill up a 200 seat arena?....True!

Their old man sold the rights to their catalogue for 25K. It was worth somethin' like 150 mill at the time....somethin' ridiculous.

They had to fire their dad as manager.

(Bet that made for a salty Thanksgiving,...)

Did you know that on the song, "All I Want To Do", Dennis (who composed the song) can be heard,...doin' it,...with, allegedly, a Manson chick at the end of the song. I got the song,..he sure is doin' it with someone, but who that someone is, I cannot attest.

Did you know that Manson recorded the "lie" album in Brian Wilson's house?,...on August 9, 1968?

Did you know that the song "Never learn Not to love" was actually Charlie's "Cease to Resist"? It was off of the 20/20 album and was relased as a b-side to "bluebirds over the mountain". The track didn't make it past 81 on the top 100,....and stayed there for 16 weeks. Dennis sang it.

He (Charlie) was paid with an undisclosed amount of cash,...and a BSA motorcycle.

They played it on the Mike Douglas show. The clip is on Youtube.

Did you know I actually got my hands on Dennis Wilson's drumset? I grabbed the cymbal and hit the tom,...I was almost caught.

Did you know,...

(Wait a minute,...what was I about to say again?)

Nevermind,...I forgot.



MsBurb said...

Thanks allot let the Music Frankenstein out of his cage again...sigh...

Commeer Danny, Danny, come munch on this piece of sausage I so carefully put in the middle of this cage...thataboy!!!



Pristash said...

Ok, then! It also is kinda cool if Brian Wilson lost out on some $$ because of it.

And I will also say this: I've never been too much of a Beach Boys fan, they are kiinda overproduced for a guy like me, but several years ago on PBS I saw a concert from the early 60s black and white video, and they were fantastic! They played well, and sang well at the same time. I now have a lot more respect for them...

MsBurb said...

Yes, they were very over-produced but I often think that in a time of uncertainty, much music is white-washed as a placebo to society's ails...maybe we needed the BBs to counter-act all the negativity back then...maybe we needed to believe that the only important thing to live for was that perfect wave and that perfect girl on that perfect a perfect place called "Californyyyya"

Anonymous said...

Also, the actual Beach Boys never really played on their albums. Brian paid union scale to a group of studio musicians called,...get this,... "The Wrecking Crew"....

Hal Blaine on drums and Carol Kaye on bass.

I think he liked the fact that he could just throw sheet music in front of these people and have 'em play it.

I think it was easier than tryin' to get Carl and Dennis focused.


Anonymous said...

Plus, I think we needed the Beach Boys because so rarely has there ever been a musician who could write six part harmonies in his head, man.

You gotta remember, Beach Boy music wasn't 50 years old when it was new.

The Mama's and Papa's were great but there was something so baseline in the harmonies, stellar as they were,...yet not complicated. Same with Simon and Garfunkel.

The Beach Boys invented that type of harmony. It gets copied all the time now and, therefore, gets tiring.

I think that the final nail in the harmonic coffin of the brothers Wilson was to be in the unfortunate position to actually award the Grammy for "Best New Artist" to the Starland Vocal Band (Afternoon Delight),...over Boston and Wild Cherry.

,...poor Dennis couldn't even finish the name when he announced it.

I guess it was their own doing, huh?

Pristash said...

Have you heard about the documentary film on the Wrecking Crew that hopefully is coming out on DVD sooner rather than later?

MsBurb said...

No, nothing Pristash. I'll post anything I hear on TLB2 tho.

Pristash said...

They have a looks very interesting too!

MsBurb said...

Who has a website?

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