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Monday, March 8, 2010

Vegas LAPD Exhibit…Why Public???

CrimeEvidence-LasVegasLAPDExhibit-TheMansonFamily 1


I KNOW why…

America bows to the God of $$$, that’s why…

But, really…why?

I get that such an exhibition could be very beneficial to law enforcement, if they gather once in a while to discuss and swap criminal evidence obtainment tactics…

But why make such an exhibition of such disturbing artefacts public?

I know why.

Los Angeles’ City Hall’s  “Movers ‘n’ Shakers” are considering making the old CrimeEvidence-LasVegasLAPDExhibit-TheMansonFamily 2 City Hall building a museum, that’s why.

And this two-day peek into such artefacts, to see if there would be a demand to view all and sundry was probably pushed onto law enforcement in that city by those movers and shakers.

I don’t think anything from a public organization is ever done without back-room deals nowadays, right? And in a cash poor state like California, museums and parole release dates seem to appease the budget constraints…

So, yeah, I get the “Testing the waters” scenario…but I wonder…do we, the public really need to see such items?

Yes, our global community views artefacts from centuries past, of people and events existing no longer. But the crimes and the criminals of this Vegas exhibit last Tuesday and Wednesday still impact living persons on our globe today. The assassination of CrimeEvidence-LasVegasLAPDExhibit-TheMansonFamily 3 Robert Kennedy, the “accidental overdose” of CrimeEvidence-LasVegasLAPDExhibit-TheMansonFamily 4 Marilyn Monroe, the senseless slaughter of CrimeEvidence-LasVegasLAPDExhibit-TheMansonFamily 5 Ron Goldman and O.J.’s ex-wife CrimeEvidence-LasVegasLAPDExhibit-TheMansonFamily 6 Nicole Brown Simpson still have living relatives here on this earth today, that have horrid memories of the past they are still so desperately trying to forget.

The largest display of them all at The Palms last week was of CrimeEvidence-LasVegasLAPDExhibit-TheMansonFamily 7 The Manson Family murders.

I, personally, was amazed that Johnny’s car was still in LAPD’s impound lot, as I felt sure it had either been destroyed or old Johnny or his family had a long time ago retrieved it as the rightful owners. You have to feel sorry for John and his family, and other people who accidentally got swept up in this melee of horror. You’d think that at least he or his family could own once again that vehicle that was no more responsible for the Hinman/TLB crimes than that of a loaned car to a friend could ever be.

Moral of the story: Watch to whom you loan out your vehicle, or you may never get it back! Or you may, it just might have blood all over the upholstery when you do!

And of course, the well-known evidence items of The White Album, the rope, the Buntline and the carving fork were all there, trapsed out yet again, to see the light of day…but no where there was a documented Release Form from any of the affected surviving family members, that what was being shown was being shown with their blessings.

Yes, I know, anything entered in as evidence in a crime becomes the property of the State, especially when the crime was a Capital offense.

But one would think someone at the LAPD would have had a heart big enough to consider that what they might publicly show at this hotel may have an emotional impact of the families involved. As a test of the callousness of the LAPD, the family of Robert Kennedy asked that the bloody shirt that he wore on that fateful day in ‘68 be removed from the exhibit, and guess what, it was, with a public statement from an LAPD spokesman,

“We don’t want to do anything that will hurt the families.” [paraphrased]


Talk about the proverbial cart before the horse on this one. Like these law enforcement dolts couldn’t have figured this out beforehand…maybe that’s why the average IQ of a person heading into a career in law enforcement is so embarrassingly low, huh?

So, what did they do? They removed the shirt…POOF!

But they did NOT close down this two-day exhibit of crime artefacts to the public nor make any attempt to take into consideration the feelings of the other families. “Why?”, you ask. Because the other families weren’t relatives of a candidate for President of the United States, is my guess.


So, as they say, the show went on, the people lined up and gawked and the families of the victims, who were slain with the use of these artefacts, were slain themselves, once more, as if attending trials and parole hearings and living without your loved ones weren’t enough…


I’m NOT a Debra Tate fan per se, and as far as I’m concerned that woman is on TV more than her sister was ever filmed, but I do agree that somebody should be a voice for the families, someone should be on guard for the victims, someone should take care to take care of the feelings of the people who are still around and breathing air.

Once a century has gone by, once anyone directly associated with these crimes and these victims are long gone to their own graves, to rest beside their slain relatives at last, then an exhibit, for historical interest, may be appropriate…but not now.

I’m thrilled to know that CrimeEvidence-LasVegasLAPDExhibit-TheMansonFamily 8 Johnny’s Ford is still around but I didn’t need to see it at the expense of the feelings of the people who are related to the people who were slaughtered in ‘69, by the people who drove there and back in that Ford.

Johnny Schwartz and his family probably agree with me.

The Los Angeles City Hall planners and California’s Tourist Board probably don’t.

There’s $$$ to be made in murder, always has been, and I doubt this will be the last time I’ll  see Johnny’s Ford.

I’d say, “Rest in Peace” to the victims, but what would be the point.

(Photos of the exhibit were NOT shown here, on purpose, for obvious reasons, donchathink?)

Crime Evidence, Las Vegas LAPD Exhibit, The Manson Family


Pristash said...

ok, maybe I'm catching on....

MsBurb said...

Could you please expound a wee bit Pristash. I'm not understanding what you mean by this comment, thanks.

Pristash said...

I have a hard time following your blog...was having a bad time trying to post and read a response, but I think I have it now...

Ok, finished the Simon Wells book. It reads pretty well, offers a good narrative and fills in where a lot of other books do not. BUT, how accurate is it? Hard to tell...he seems to take everything that is out there and place it in the narrative, having it both ways. For instance, when writing of Garretson, he begins with how WG got a ride down to the Sunset Strip with people in the 'van' who said he proabably shouldn't return, then tells what he heard as the murders take place. It is only much later that he says something like, "WG for whatever reason, fai;ed to tell the authorities all he observed and it wasn't until some 25 years later that his full story came out..."

Also, Wells writes how Sadie used the towel to write PIG on the dor, then threw the towel back into the living room where it landed atop Jay Sebring's head. Then later on, goes into Manson returning to Cielo Drive, probbaly with Clem and Bruce and moving the bodies around, then tucking said towel neatly under the noose around Jay's neck, etc...

Something which I learned which explains alot is that the house commonly refereed to as Harold True's house was really a rental with a lot of college students living in it...hence the parties that occurred which annoyed the LaBiancas and other neighbors...and could also explain how LK partied there but may have never met Manson or others there.

And there are a lot of typos and other errors too. He lists quite a few sources, but doesn't indicate who was a source for what, etc.

MsBurb said...

Sorry, Pristash, for my blog being so complicated for you. I thought I had it fairly straight forward. You click on the Thought Bubble at the bottom of each post to comment. Other blogs have Thought Bubbles and I abhor words and prefer pics as link buttons, sooo hence the Thought Bubbles. Just email me anytime at if you have any further probs...

As per the Wells book, and others like them...

I have nothing against third parties writing books but I DO have everything against people who just spew shit with no basis for the spewing...

Maybe because of the type of people this case attracts, that you end up with writers who have a lower academic grasp of proper documentary writing, source handling, etc., maybe the cause of so much tripe out there written about this Family and Manson in particular.

Many people who may be proponents of The Family and Charlie may have reasons to dislike The Bug BUT The Bug sites his sources and you CAN verify those sources as being legit.

You may consider me an isolationist when it comes to me refusing to read these type of bio books but I am choosy because of this very risk, that you WILL read crap that only further muddies the waters and gives no information as to the validity of that info.

I can tell you this: ANY person's "story" told a quarter of a century later WILL be fraught with errors and be interjected with exaggerations, as is the case of Will's story today. Such a phenomenon occurs in all famous cases, with witnesses, just look at the JFK assassination.

In MY opinion, there was no "van", Will never said those things to ANYONE, and that entire story is bogus. Period. Will, nor any biographer who sites Will, NEVER gives any corroborative evidence to said, so until I see some, it's all just a laugh to me.

Thank-you, Pristash, for letting the viewers know about this book, so they can make their own decisions!!!

Pristash said...

Hey, Ms. Burb,

I hope I have figured your blog out, although I do miss the links to the other sites as well.

Garretson's story about the van comes from his own mouth, in 1999 on the E! True Hollywood Story: The Last Days of Sharon Tate. So I can't blame any writer for using it. I think what is needed the most is a real live investigative journalist questioning him further...

MsBurb said...

See my response to this last comment of yours on the Backporch Tapes Manson Interview post after this one, okay?

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