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Friday, December 4, 2009

And The Award Goes To…

Dan Award Dan, MY Guy, who kept this HMS Charliemite TLB2 barge afloat while MsBurb was up to her asterisk in boxes and bags….


Dan is having the best sleep of his Life right now, well, or at least of the last 9 days, now that MsBurb has come up for air…

Do NOT fret, newbie Dan lovers – and I KNOW you’re out there, how could you NOT be! – he will be hovering around Webland injecting his “verbiosity” now and then as a welcome break from the droning of a certain poster whose Burbie name shall remain, well, nameless.

Don’t you think Dan looks good as an award, ‘cause I do! I LOVE how I can mould him into all sorts of shapes and sizes…sorry Dan, you’re just like Play Doh and Silly Putty combined…wayyyyyy too much fun to leave alone!

Tomorrow, MsBurb will have fingers to the keys once again to bring you everything you never knew you needed until she said you did!

So sleep well Danny, in those cozy flannel PJs, and sleep in ‘cause Lord knows you deserve it!



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