August 9, 1969…2009…The End…For Real, This Time…

3301WaverlyDrive-August91969-TateLaBiancaMurders (1) Dawn came to Spahn Ranch within a couple of hours, a day filled with only clear, blue sky and chirping birds…
Or buzzing flies over blood-dried corpses…depending on where you lived… or died…
As Charlie slept the sleep of the remorseless, beside Stephanie, in that tiny trailer next to the road, the world and Squeaky were waking up to 3301WaverlyDrive-August91969-TateLaBiancaMurders (2)   black and white televised aerial images and news casts of a swank place in Benedict Canyon…
3301WaverlyDrive-August91969-TateLaBiancaMurders (4)
3301WaverlyDrive-August91969-TateLaBiancaMurders (3)

…not so swank…anymore…
“Hey, Katie, Katie, wake up. Bring Sadie and Barbie with ya and come to the TV room. You have got to see this!” whispered Squeaky into Katie’s ear, careful not to wake the other Family members sleeping the sleep of the innocent and un-knowing, on mattresses in the back house.
Squeaky, aware of the past night’s goings-on, was still in awe of the images which were flickering out at her from George’s TV, the copycat fantasy now a reality for people “in the Know” at the ranch.
The girls slowly gathered in the room and and all the talking and laughing around George’s place eventually woke up Charlie and Stephanie as well. Charlie sauntered into the room, his arm around Stephanie, and saw how no one could take their eyes off of that TV. Sandy knelt in front and flicked from channel to channel to get every minute of the newly-named “Tate slaughter”.
No one in the cramped room seemed very phased by the unfolding events, heck, they were laughing out loud when the newscaster reported that the LAPD had someone in custody for the killings. Finally, Charlie’s Slippies had done something right! Barbara Hoyt wasn’t laughing out loud. She wasn’t even smiling. Now she knew what that backhouse call for dark clothes meant the night before. She sat on the arm of George’s favourite easy chair and for a time, stopped breathing in her growing fear.
Most seemed riveted, if not outright elated by the horrors in Benedict Canyon and others just wanted to forget and sought refuge in acid-filled trips of their very own. (Yeah, Katie, I’m talking about you!)
As the day wore on, fewer people were glued to that TV, and people like Charlie, Tex and Sadie, who should have been, went off to do what newly-baptized killers do – get high! Why watch telecasts of scenes you’ve already seen…and made yourself, right?
The day finally flowed into night, and once the Garbage-Bin Goulash was gobbled and the after-dinner pot was puffed, Charlie once again rounded up his posse, this time, to the
 3301WaverlyDrive-August91969-TateLaBiancaMurders (5) bunkhouse, for a lesson in Murder 101.
Some of the killers would later profess that they had nooooooo idea what was to transpire that night until they were in Swartz’s Ford but geez, what turnip truck did they think we fell off of, anyways?!!!
They were all gathered in that bunkhouse to be taught a few lessons on murder, that quite obviously were not known a’la Tate was concerned.
“I seen what you guys done last night, and Tex, that was way too messy and you put too much panic in these people. Sure, Pigs need to die but you’re letting bad karma fall down on all of us when you torture these souls. You need to kill’em but you don’t need to advertise, Man! Didn’t I tell you yesterday, ‘Nice ‘n’ easy!’, didn’t I? said Charlie.
Yeah, I remember what you said. But Hell, Charlie, it was that damn rope idea that got us into trouble. Before Sadie and me tried to string’em up, they all was pretty calm, ya know. And Sadie wouldn’da lost her knife if it weren’t for that rope trick. That’s what got us into trouble.” Tex said, pleading his case.
“Yeah, yeah, I know. Too much to do with only one guy around. That was my fault. Tonight, we’re going out again but with more guys this time. And Sadie, I swear, you lose another knife and I’ll…”
“No, no, I won’t, Charlie. I promise.” pleaded Sadie.
“Well, tonight, no ropes, just killin’ Pigs for their money, that’s all. And this time, get more than a lousy few bucks from these people. Hell, they got loads of shit. Make sure you get it all this time. If you guys had done a better job up there shakin’ down that place, we wouldn’t have to be goin’ out again tonight. It’s money and Pigs and that’s all. This time, I’m comin’ along, to make damn sure there’s no panic or screw-ups. Tonight, I’ll show you how to do it.” was all that Charlie said as he shooed the girls out of the bunk house and walked over to the gun-room to teach Weaponry 101 to the boys.
Weapons were selected, specifically this time, not to have crazy Sadie, or some other dumb broad, lose them mid-blood-stream, if ya know what I mean. Although no one admits to having put them there, the SS cutlass sword and two smaller knives were placed on the front floorboard of the Ford, and when they were finally at their chosen destination, Charlie put “something” into his belt, a “something” Charlie later admitted being an un-identified “gun”.
The dark clothes were worn once again by all who were made to attend – Clem (in an olive-drab field jacket), Tex, Sadie, Katie, Linda and Leslie – all except for Charlie, as he was too much in love with his leather tunic and pants, newly acquired from a Crowe cohort of criminal days long since passed. Anyways, Charlie wasn’t going to kill, right, so why did he need dark clothes?
All cast members were  given a “light” dose of acid, not to much to impede their killing talents but enough to make them seem invincible.
And after several fits and starts at Manson Murder Incorporated, the hap-hazard group of killers arrive, sometime around 2 a.m., August 10, 1969, to an address in Griffith Park, the Los Feliz district of Los Angeles, 3301WaverlyDrive-August91969-TateLaBiancaMurders (6) 3301 Waverly Drive, part two of a two-part , two-day melee of murder…


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