"Ballarat or Bust"...Chapter Nine...

Sharing a joint and and a few beers, we three sat there in the living room literally stunned by the story Tex was telling.

He had found a way to get money for Charlie but things didn't go as planned and now we were left to pick up the pieces.

"It wasn't supposed to be this way." Tex insisted.
"I was just going up to Melcher's old place, to scout out the house and grab some shit from the back rooms. Once, I saw Terry slip the backdoor key into the eaves trough outside; so, I thought I could creepy crawl in and just grab some shit to fence and be outta there before anyone knew. I mean, we'd done this kinda shit before, why not do it again, right? 

So anyways, I took George's Ford up there and got into the property as easy as you please; I parked at the bottom of Cielo. The key was there and I went in and no one seemed to be around. I headed for the dining room to see if there was any silver and then I saw one light on, on a desk in the living room and was headed out the way I came in when some foreign-speaking guy caught me in the foyer and tried to knock my lights out. I had to deal with him right there, so I stuck him with Danny's knife but the bastard let out a huge yell and woke up the rest of the people in the damn house! 

I shoulda brought some of the girls with me but I thought it'd be quieter without'em. Shit! I coulda used their help, Man. Anyways, all these people came out and I had to deal with all of them. It was crazy, Man. Some small dude tried a karate move on me and I had to finish him with the .22 Charlie gave me. 

Then these girls started yelling. It was crazy. I did in the one chick cause she wouldn't stop yelling but the other, well, the other chick, Man, she was so beautiful and pregnant, for Christ's sake. She begged me to carve out her kid if I was going to kill her too. I can't carve out a kid! So I took her with me; and now she's here and it's crazy, Man. 

Charlie said to bring her and her bank account with her. She gave me tons of money and now we're here and I don't know what I'd do without you guys to help." Tex pleaded.

"Holy Shit, Tex! Are you serious? You have Sharon Tate in your bedroom?" Bobby asked.
"Yeah. She's right next door. Keep your voice down. I gave her some Valium to calm her down and she finally got to sleep just before you guys arrived." Tex said.

"She's pregnant; what the hell are we supposed to do with a pregnant chick, Tex?" Bob asked.

"I don't know, Bob. Charlie said to bring her up to Barker once we'd got her money; that's all he said to do."

"Can she travel that Wash, man? It's hard for a normal chick to cross; how are we supposed to get a pregnant chick over those boulders?" Bob asked.

"I don't know but we have to try. Sharon is missing and its been all over the news. I have to get her out of here and quick." whispered Tex.

"Charlie said to buy some tabs and some grass, and bring her and her money up as soon as you guys got here to help me; that's all he said to do."

"Well, we're here but I'm not sure we're ready for all this. When do you want to leave?" Bobby asked.

"Tomorrow. At Night so we don't get spotted, okay"

"Okay by me, Man."

And with that and the dwindling supply of booze and grass, we three crashed on the living room rug, our treasure fast asleep in the bedroom beside us....


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