And Now For Something Totally Inappropriate...Part II (With Pictures...Yummy!!!)

Yep, I kept my imaginary dais table and like a puppet master, have forced the Manson gang to sit at it patiently for my next round of questioning. Will there be more questions to ask after this Part II? Hard to tell, really...Will there be more Manson gang parole hearings???

Shall we begin (again)...

1) Sadie, Katie, Lulu and Darling, were you not chilly in those Sybil Brand jailhouse blue dresses? I know they gave all you girls sweaters but what about those bare legs of yours? Your Perp Walks pictures in the Hall of Justice made me shiver!

2) Tex, Sadie, Bobby and Bruce, how come you guys only found Jesus Christ after you killed everybody? Never watched Charlton Heston in the movie epic "Moses", huh? Burning Bush, Ten Commandment Tablets, Thou Shall Not Kill? Not familiar, huh?

3) That LIFE Magazine photo of the kitchen at Spahn Ranch, hey Girls, what was your favorite dish served from that room? Ratatouille?

4) How come the Barker mailbox in this LIFE Magazine photo seems to be riddled with gunshot holes? Don't you know that tampering with the federal mail system is against the law?

5) Charlie, why did you want to emulate Rommel's Desert Corps from WWII with your fleet of decked-out dune buggies? You do know, Rommel ran out of gas at El Alamein, and Hitler lost the war, right?

6) Bobby, do you have enough prison job earnings saved up to buy another truck if you ever get paroled? 'Cause I don't know if anyone has told you but the one you left in Ballarat hasn't aged all that well...

7) Sadie, why tell all those exaggerated stores to Ronnie and Virginia at Sybil Brand? I mean, why would you threaten the lives of Tom Jones, Frank Sinatra and Liz Taylor? Were you using reverse psychology...scaring them into giving you their autographs, or better yet, visit you at SBI, if you spared their lives? Let me know if it worked, 'cause I'd LOVE to have Tom Jones' autograph too!!!

8) Hey Charlie, what was your plan if you had managed to reach Judge Older with that pencil of yours when you leapfrogged to his bench? Autograph, huh? Betcha!

9) Is it just me Bruce, or do you look eerily familiar to the Zodiac Killer police Identi-Kit sketches from the Lake Berryessa and San Francisco crime scenes??? Can you tell me where you were on September 27 and October 11, 1969?

Bruce Davis High School Photo (left)
Lake Berryessa Identi-Kit (right)

San Francisco Identi-Kit (left)
Bruce Davis (right)

10) Charlie, how come your son by Mary Brunner, Michael, doesn't look anything like you and how come you look nothing like your Mom? Is your family loaded with "Blanks" or do Anti-Christ-type figures, like you, lack DNA?

Charlie's Mom, Kathleen Maddox Manson

Charlie's Son by Mary Brunner, Michael

11) Charlie, how come you choose to buy Folgers Coffee from the prison Commissary? Is that how you plan on making restitution to Gibby's delicious, dark, full-bodied cup at a time???

12) Hey Gang, how many Manson murderers does it take to screw in a light bulb? None, no bulb needed, as long as Tex cuts the right wire!!! Ha!!!

13) Hey Brenda, what went wrong, Girly? How come gravity and your meanness caught up with you so soon? You were such a cute killer back when...sigh....

14) Hey, Bobby, what type of pillow did you use to smother Gary? Feather or foam? Just wondered 'cause I know how difficult it is to clean a feather pillow, is all...

15) Bruce, what the heck really happened to "Zero", Man? If you've found God, why not fess-up and tell it like it was...come was YOU who was having sex with old Philip, wasn't it? You can tell'll just be between you and me, Bro, okay?

16) Sadie, if you were going for a "That Girl" image in this LIFE succeeded, Girl! You and Marlo Thomas could be twins!!!

17) Bobby, has anyone ever told you that you are the spitting image of screen star idol, Eroll Fynn??? You know he was bisexual too, huh?

18) Is it just me, or do you, Bruce, old boy, look EXACTLY like the Grinch Who Stole Christmas in this pic?

19) Katie, Man, didn't you know that smoking can kill ya? Even on Death Row, you know!!! Thank God they commuted your sentence to Life 'cause I doubt you would have had the lung capacity to breathe in that gas properly...

20) Ms. Burb Poll: How many out there in Webland think the naked girl in this Manson 73 movie poster is Catherine "Gypsy" Share? How many think it's Nancy "Brenda" Pitman? (I'll let ya know the answer in a future post!)

21) Tex, Sadie, Katie, who put the American flag upside down on the Tate Couch? I applaud your bold statement! I know it was that upside down flag that took my attention away from the blood and the bodies...nice job!

22) Hey, Gang, who put the bumper sticker on The Family bus? Your choice of sticker is commendable...I detest unpatriotic spree guys are true, blue Americans! Bravo!

23) If you had escaped the long arm of the Law, who of you killers would have been reading in that Library Alcove in the Barker Main House...Tex, Sadie, Katie, Leslie, Linda or Charlie? And what would the title of the book have been? I'm picking Charlie and the book...Vincent T. Bugliosi's "Helter Skelter"...I highly recommend it, Charlie...a fascinating read!

24) OMG, Charlie! I drew circles JUST LIKE you did, well, I did in Grade 1, that is. Small world, huh? I LOVE that you entitled it "Crazy Circles", I really do!

25) Charlie, Bruce, Clem, why did you have to hack the heck out of old Shorty Shea? So he told the cops on you guys...haven't you ever heard of a cleaner way of killing? I mean, a wrench and knives...yuck! So messy and time consuming...and all that yelling and screaming.... Next time read the book "Arsenic and Old Lace"...far more romantic and quieter and the skull doesn't end up looking like a pin cushion. Your call, really...


Flora said…
Hey Ms. Burb,
Nice job on your blog!

Re: #13 that's Priscilla Cooper on the far right.
courtney said…
That's rich - I've often wondered how 'tasty' the meals were that the girls cooked..

Full of Sugar Pops, Zuzu's and you said it "Rat Hairs"

Join me at my new blog "What A Long Strange Trip it Has Been" it's actually at the old domain of Mr. Leslie Von Houten - whatever Savage -

That was a mistake, but since it happened I decided to keep it since it might bring me some more traffic.

I lifted your picture of Gibby's bedroom with the rabbit - that was so cool, I hope you dont mind.
MrPoirot said…
That pic of Charlie's mom is bizarre. That is the pic of a nut. It reminds me of this girl in my public speaking class in '76 who was always leaning over and had her fingers twirling her hair into knots. She sat right in front of me and never spoke. The gal weighed about 90 pounds and I was afraid of her. You don't suppose......? Nah. It couldn't have been.
MrPoirot said…
#5 Charlie copied Rommeel's Desert Corp because of a 1960s tv show DESERT RATS starring Christopher George. In the show they had 50 cals mounted on jeeps riding around in the desert looking for Nazi's parked in handicapped zones. Hitler didn't entirly lose WW2 for if he did we'd all be Bolshevists now.
Anonymous said…
The woman leaning forward with her chin resting in her bandaged left hand is not Manson's mother. It is a photo of Winnie Ruth Judd, the so-called "Trunk Murderess", taken during the sanity hearing held prior to her 1932 murder trial in Phoenix. Her left hand is bandaged due to a gunshot wound she sustained during the crime.

MsBurb said…
Thanks so much, Anon, have known that since, yes, this is quite an old post...:)

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