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Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Roman Polanski Saga Continues...

Care of Pristash, The Heralder for TLB2!


CarolMR said...

Debra is still a beautiful woman. Her hair is still gorgeous. I feel sorry for her on many levels, but I think she couldn't be more wrong here. She said it was determined that the sex between Roman and the 13-year-old was consensual. NO! The victim has said it most certainly was not. Roman had to drug her and ply her with alcohol. Besides cheating on Sharon, he raped a young girl, and yet Debra continues to defend this "brilliant" man. She's constantly calling him "brilliant." Even brilliant people have to face the music and now maybe Roman will.

Anonymous said...

Debra doesn't have much family if any, left. Shemay see Roman as family.Maybe she'shaving denial because she fears she's having a relative taken from her.

As far as Roman? Walking away from a warrant is always a bad mistake but Roman knew he comitted a serious crime. I think he will do no time though. He has too many misguided powerful friends on his side.

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